Jun 18, 2019

Boston Marathon 2019

It looks like this chapter of my running story has come to an end. I finally ran the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2019. It was the best experience of my life and I hope to return to Boston again in the future. 

The Boston Marathon is like no other. I can't even begin to explain the hype behind it. Everything from the City of Boston, the people in Boston and the marathon course support is unbelievable

If the Boston Marathon is not on your bucket list you need to add it. It is worth all of the hard work to get there!


Jun 13, 2018

Qualifying for the Boston Marathon

Well I finally qualified for the Boston Marathon! I qualified at the Revel Mt. Charleston Marathon on April 28, 2018 with a time of 3:39:52. This puts me in a pretty good spot to get into Boston 2019 since I have a buffer of 15 minutes and 8 seconds.

This was my 12th marathon and although it was not the perfect race, it was definitely a good day. Never in a million years did I think I would run under 3:40. This time around I really worked on believing in myself and staying positive which made such a huge difference.

Registration for the 2019 Boston Marathon is on September 12, 2018 for me. I can hardly wait to experience my very first Boston Marathon which I will run for the experience. I will not set any goals related to my finish time. I just want to take it all in and enjoy my dream marathon without any pressure. This Brunette is finally Boston Bound!


Sep 28, 2016

The Rejection Email

Well here is the official rejection email. I am so glad the wait is over! The official cutoff time was 2:09. I missed it by almost a minute (57 seconds to be exact) so I wasn't even close. I think I would have felt worse if I would have missed it by a few seconds. I am sure there are some people in that situation.

I had my doubts about this from the beginning but I had to give it a try since all of the predictions for the 2017 cutoff were looking at under a minute. The fire has definitely been lit but I am not sure what I am going to do at this point. The good news is that the qualifying standards for 2018 will remain the same and I know I have it in me to run a marathon in under 3:55. I have done it plenty of times. I just have to want it a little bit more.

Congratulations to everyone who was accepted into the 2017 Boston Marathon. I respect every one of you and wish you the best! You earned it!


Sep 19, 2016

My Thoughts on the 2017 Boston Marathon

Today I submitted my application for the 2017 Boston Marathon with a cushion of only 1:12.  I wasn't a bit nervous about getting accepted until I received this email. I was actually on the fence about even submitting an application because I felt (and still do) that the chances of being accepted may not be in my favor.

An acceptance email would be a dream come true but if not I will always be proud to say that I ran a Boston Qualifying time. I want to thank everyone for their support, encouragement and friendship for the past 6 years that I have been running. I have met some pretty amazing people to say the very least. Without these people believing in me, I am not sure if this opportunity would even be here today.

I am also so thankful to Chiara who did an amazing job of compiling data, number crunching and race analysis on Name That Boston Marathon Cutoff. She kept us all hopeful and even encouraged me to submit this application in spite of being in the (super) squeaker pack.

Until then, I will keep my fingers crossed and remain as positive as I possibly can! Good Luck to everyone who has been accepted and those who are applying in the next week! 

Let the Waiting Game Begin!!