Sep 20, 2015

Training Update: Week 14 (September 14-September 20)

This week was a tough one and all of my runs seemed harder than they should have been. I felt very fatigued after the Ventura Half Marathon last Sunday and did not have much energy at all this week. My IT bands were sore for a few days which was very odd. I have never experienced that before especially after a race that I did not give 100%. I did not even make it to the gym all week and did all of my strength training at home. I tried to stay positive and thankfully things came together at the end of the week.

Here is a recap of Week Fourteen:

Monday: Strength Training: I have all of the tools that I need at home so when I don't feel like driving to the gym I have no excuse!

Tuesday: 3.25 Miles with 30 second pickups: Thankfully this was a short run because I was just not feeling it. I fought through it and got it done.

Wednesday: Strength Training: I did not make it to the gym again and did my strength training at home.

Thursday: 6.23 Miles: This was my toughest run of the week. I had the day off so I went to the track early and had the toughest time hitting my goal paces. I stopped a few times because I was so frustrated. I finally pulled it together and finished it because quitting was not an option.

FridayREST DAY: I really needed this day off. I felt like my body needed a day to recover and get back on track.

Saturday: 17.25 Miles: After having such a bad week, the negative thoughts were already stuck in my mind. I also knew it was going to be a hot day so that was not helping my negative thoughts. I started while it was still dark out and finished before the heat set in. This run turned out better than expected and the last three miles were the fastest. I needed that!

Sunday REST DAY: Definitely needed this day to relax and that is what I did. We went to the beach and enjoyed the day. I also worked on my compression sock tan which is much needed. I's pretty bad! I am working on it.


2015 MILES: 941

This week I really need to focus on getting my mind back in the game. Thankfully it is a easier week and my long run is only ten miles at marathon goal pace. I think I can handle that but if the heat would let up that would make it that much better.

Sep 1, 2015

Training Update: Week Eleven (August 24-30)

Another week of pain free running in the books! I have been trying something different this week that I wanted to share. I have been setting up all of my runs in Garmin Connect and then transferring them to my Garmin 620 because it really helps me hit my target paces and I don't have to keep staring at my watch. I seem to do much better with the help of Garmin beeping and screaming at me when I am running too fast or too slow. It also stops me from throwing in the towel and just going for a run versus finishing the planned workout!

Here is a recap of Week Eleven:

Monday: Strength Training: I love squats..they are my favorite!

Tuesday: 5.5 Mile Threshold Run: I went to the track at my regular time but noticed that it is starting to get dark a little earlier. I try to get there as late as possible to avoid the heat so a break from the heat is much needed if I am going to have to start getting there a little earlier.

Wednesday: Muscle Imbalance Strength Training: Buster kept me company while I squatted my life away. I am getting better with the Bosu Ball so I am excited to see some progress here.

Thursday: 4.35 Miles: I took this run to the track because I didn't feel like dealing with all of the traffic lights and extra stops. My runs seems to go a lot better without all of the unnecessary stops.

FridayREST DAY:  This was a working Friday for me so it was nice to come home from work to relax and prepare for my long run in the morning.

Saturday: 20.15 Miles: This was a tough one because of the heat. The last three miles were really ugly and I took way too many breaks! It started out great but at the temperature rose I wasn't feeling so great. I have not been feeling too positive about my long runs lately.

Sunday: Strength Training: My legs were feeling great after my 20 mile run so I decided to go ahead with my strength training. I was finally able to handle some 45's on the leg press so I was pretty happy about that! 


2015 MILES865