Nov 10, 2012

Yes, I Still Have Them!

Remember those puppies that were born back on June 2 of this year?  I still have them and have not been able to find homes for them. They have names now and I I am not quite sure what I am going to do with them. My son is completely attached to them and maybe the rest of us are too! They are getting pretty big and are just the most lovable little things. Jackie is already 9 pounds and Chiquita is 7.1 pounds. Sugar still thinks that she needs to take care of them like she used to when they were first born and she loves to be with them. The puppies love her too and they cannot stand to be away from one another.
They all got new sweaters from Target to keep them warm for the winter. Chiquita is not very fond of her sweater and she takes it off when we are not home or when we are not looking. Jackie leaves hers on and doesn't really care for the most part. Sugar does not like the cold and has been refusing to go outside to use the bathroom so I have to force her out and she shakes and shivers. I think she appreciates her sweater more than the puppies do.
The next step for the puppies is getting them spayed before they go into their first heat cycle. I don't want to deal with the mess and I know that it is coming soon. I want to take care of it before Christmas so my girls will be going for surgery really soon. They are not going to be happy since they have already figured out what the vet does to them after having four sets of puppy shots!

Do you have dogs? What breed? Do you dress them up or put sweaters on them during the winter to keep them warm?


  1. Anonymous11/12/2012

    Aww how cute are they! I wish my dog would wear sweaters but she doesn't like them. She plays dead when we put one on her! lol

    1. How funny! I have a Pomeranian that does the same thing. It is more torture to her than anything else. I just want them to be warm!