Jul 27, 2014

7/26/14: City of Cypress 5K

This was my second year running this race. Last year I had a horrible race so I really wanted to run this race again with better results. I really like this race and the course is flat and easy. My only complaint is the start time. The race starts at 7:30 am and with the summer heat I think a 6:30 am start would be much better. I like that they offer same day bib pick up but I am sure they would not be able to offer this if they had an earlier start time.
I am kind of useless in the heat when it comes to running. I just don't feel right and I really have to work much harder than I really want to. I knew by the first mile that things were not going to be fantastic. My legs felt heavy the entire first mile so I think I kind lost confidence after that point and just hoped to finish with a better time than I did last year.
The last mile was tough. It was hot and we were running with the sun in our faces. I wanted to be done. It was pretty sad how I didn't push myself to finish stronger. I am still kind of mad at myself for giving up so easily.
Last year I finished in 23:57 and placed 5th in my AG so I was glad that I beat my time by 14 seconds and placed 4th in my AG this year. 

Official Time: 23:43 (4th Place AG)

I am sure I will run this race again. Maybe I will get lucky next year and the weather will be much cooler or I need to get brave and learn how to run in the heat!

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