Aug 27, 2015

Training Update: Week 10 (August 17-August 23)

The heat has been so horrible for the past few weeks but the positive thing is that I have not had any hip pain for ten weeks! That is truly a blessing and when I think about that, the heat really doesn't bother me anymore. There is always something to be thankful for and life is so much better when we try to see the good in everything. 

Here is a recap of Week Ten:

Monday: Strength Training: My day started out with Jury Duty. I seriously don't think I would be good on a jury so I spent most of the day praying that I would be excused and I finally was!

I wore my Mountains 2 Beach shirt to celebrate the fact that I just signed up to run the marathon again in 2016. I love this race. If I ever BQ, I would love for it to happen on this course because I love it that much.

Tuesday: 6 Miles: Speedwork: This one did not seem too bad until it ended with two miles at tempo pace instead of a nice and easy cool down. I wasn't sure if I would be able to do it but somehow I did.

Wednesday: Muscle Imbalance Strength Training: I felt a little better on the Bosu ball this week. I was sore from all of the body squats so I guess it is working!

Thursday: 7 Miles@8:21: This was a really tough day for me because I could not sleep. I ended up getting three hours of sleep and then going to an all day training for work. I could barely stay awake and had already decided to put my run off until the next day. Once I got home and rested for a couple of hours I decided to go to the gym and run on the treadmill. I haven't done any of my runs on a treadmill unless my coach actually tells me to so it was a good change. I did take two breaks because my IT band started hurting a little bit and I had to stretch it out.

Friday: REST DAY: It is always nice when my Off-Friday and Rest Day fall on the same day. I slept in until 7:30 am, spent some quality time with the furkids and ran some errands.

Saturday: 15 Miles:  The weather was perfect but my energy level was low. I am getting so used to slowing these long runs down that when I have to run at endurance pace it seems hard. That is the only thing that scares me about running my long runs at a much slower pace.

Sunday: Strength Training: I didn't feel like driving to the gym so I decided to get my sweat on at home with my Bosu Ball and other tools that I have at home.


2015 MILES: 835


  1. You're killing it - way to go, lady!

    1. Thank you Megan but this heat is something else!!

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