May 5, 2014

Weekly Recap and The Month of April

My focus these past couple of weeks is making all of my runs count. I don't like to put too much pressure on myself when it comes to running because then it isn't fun to me anymore and it starts to feel like work. I mean it is work but I enjoy it most when I don't feel super pressured about it.

I am not sure how long my speedwork sessions are going to last because I don't really enjoy it. It's hard but I do love the feeling that I get once it is done. I feel more accomplished after a speedwork session than I do after a long run. This week I attempted to do some 800m repeats at the same pace that I did my 12 X 400m workout last week. It was tough and I thought about quitting so many times. I kept telling myself "Don't Quit" and "Stay Strong." I hope I learn to love it soon because I know it will help me become a stronger and faster runner. I finished my workout in 48:02 ( 6 Miles @ 8:00.)
I do enjoy tempo runs but they are also tough. They really challenge me and I always feel great after a nice tempo. My goal is to continue to increase the pace on these tempo runs! I finished this tempo run  in  48:48 (6 Miles@8:08.) I am also hoping that this speedwork will help me improve my 5K and 10K times.
My long run was supposed to be 18 miles this week but I had to cut it short due to the heat. I felt like a loser cutting it short but it was 82 degrees and I was pretty tired. I am happy to have made it the 16 miles that I did. I ran on a shaded trail with a decent incline for a good part of my run and picked it up the last 4 miles heading home (8:23, 8:10, 8.14, 7:46.) I was glad to be done with this one!

In other news, April was a good month. It didn't run a lot of miles but at least I am running again and my weekly mileage is getting back to my average. I am still on the fence about running my upcoming marathon and have been trying to come up with a backup plan but solid nothing yet.

Did you have a good month?

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