Aug 3, 2015

Training Recap: Week Seven: (July 27-August 2)

We had some really hot weather this week in California. I really struggle through my runs in the heat and wish that I could run in the mornings. Since I work full-time, I have to do most of my runs after work so I have to just suck it up and get it done. 

Things are moving right along with my training and my hip pain has stayed away for 7 weeks now! Getting rid of the hip pain is truly my focus this time around and I am hoping that if I stick to the strength training, I will continue to run pain free. July was a good month for me. My mileage is starting to get back up there so I am really happy to have hit over 100 miles this month.

Here is a recap of Week Seven:

Monday: 7 Miles at Marathon Goal Pace. I really had to push myself through this one in the heat. It is amazing how marathon goal pace feels so hard in 90 degree temps. I waited a little too long for things to cool down and ended up running the last two miles in the dark.

Tuesday: Strength Training

Wednesday: 6.65 Mile Speed Workout: I normally do my speed workout on Tuesdays but I had to move my schedule around this week. The track was pretty empty and I was the last one to leave. I pretty much got kicked out and ended up doing the last part of my cool down in the parking lot.

Thursday: REST DAY: I was really needing a day off. I really appreciate these days now that I have added strength training in.

Friday: 16.2 Miles: My long runs are so much slower now and I am struggling with this. I try to include hills on my long runs so that I am forced to slow things down. It actually works and is not so bad plus I can always use the hill workout.

Saturday: Strength Training: The gym was empty so it was nice to get in and out of there and not have to wait for any of the equipment.

Sunday: 30 Minute Workout: This was my choice day where I can do 30  minutes of cross training but no running. I wasn't in the mood to go to the gym so I used what I had at home.  I tried to target all of the major areas (legs, arms, glutes and core) for this one.


My long run this week is 13 Miles and my running club is doing 14 miles so I am going to run with them this weekend. Running in a group sure makes the miles fly by and makes it a lot easier to do. Enjoy your week everyone!

Jul 26, 2015

Training Recap: Week Six: (July 20-July 26)

This week was a little crazy. There are some changes going on in my home so I haven't been sleeping really well. I am still trying to adjust but it has definitely taken a toll on my energy level. I have actually been taking naps on the weekend to get back some of those lost hours of sleep. I guess that would explain why I woke up late on Saturday and missed my 5K!

Here is a recap of Week Six:

Monday: Strength Training: I made the mistake of coming home, eating dinner and then telling myself that I was going to lay in my bed and rest for an hour before heading to the gym. The gym never happened so I did my own thing at home. My stomach was sore the next day from those leg lifts!

Tuesday: 6.33 Mile Speedwork:  I was a little nervous going into this one because it was the hardest one yet. I nailed all of my intervals but boy was I glad when it was all over.

WednesdayStrength Training: I worked out with a friend who goes to a much fancier fitness center than I do. They have Woodway treadmills at her gym so I ran on a Woodway for the first time. It felt much harder than the treadmills that I am used to running on so it was a new experience for me. I am not sure how @runemz does it! I guess she is just a ROCKSTAR!

Thursday: 3.63 Miles Easy. I broke in a new pair of Brooks Glycerin 13's and I love them. They have so much cushion that I feel like I am running on a cloud. I have been running in the 12's for the past few months and I love them but the 13's have a lot more cushion than the 12's. Transitioning from an old model to a new one is always scary and I have had some bad experiences in the past so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Friday: REST DAY: I decided to rest my legs before my 5K the following day.

Saturday: Well the 5K did not happen. I did not set my alarm because I never need it. I automatically wake up at 4-5am everyday but was awakened by a 4.3 earthquake at almost 6am instead. I did not have enough time to get ready and head to the race because it was not local.

I felt really guilty about missing the 5K so I got up and ran my 11 mile long run instead which I was planning to do on Sunday. I was already a mess about missing the 5K and the earthquake so it did not go very well at all. It was hot and I was dragging but I finally got into my run the last 6 miles. These kind of runs can be real confidence killers but you have to move on and take the good with the bad.

I wasn't sure how I was going to explain to my coach that I missed the 5k because I overslept but then I got this text message from him. 

Sunday: Strength Training

My mileage is going to increase a bit this coming week and I am excited about it because it will be a challenge for me. The weekly mileage will be very close to past training cycles but will now include the strength training. I have a 16 miler coming up so I am looking for some new scenery to run in since my running club will only be doing 6 miles this weekend. The weather is not looking very promising so I have to start planning it all out.
 Do you look at the weather forecast and plan your weekly runs or do you just go with the flow?

Jul 20, 2015

Training Recap: Week Five: (July 13-July 19)

This was a tough week. My energy level seemed to be really low and I really had to push myself to stick to the schedule. I haven't been sleeping well so training becomes even more challenging when you are lacking the energy you need. The highlight of my weekend was the long overdue rain that we finally received.  We really need it so it was a true blessing!

Here is a recap of Week Five:

Monday: Strength Training: Monday's are always tough but a new week means a new start and I always want to start my week out right.

Tuesday5.06 Mile Speedwork: My legs were super sore from all of the squats that I did the day before so this took some serious mental toughness. It was also 90 degrees when I started so I almost thought about not doing it but the guilt set in and then off I went.

WednesdayStrength Training: I decided not to go to the gym and do a workout at home. I think I did a 20 minute upper body workout and called it a day because I was feeling so tired and my legs were so sore from my Monday workout combined with speed work on Tuesday.

Thursday: 6 Miles at Marathon Goal Pace. This run was not good at all. It was hot and humid and I just had no energy. I took so many breaks and I felt pretty defeated but it happens and we have to move on and hope for better days.

Friday: REST DAY: I headed back to the dentist to finish up this whole root canal process. This whole process has been stressful and expensive. I am so done with it. I have one final visit and hopefully I never have to go through this ever again!

Saturday: 14 Miles: I was able to run with my running club again. They had 11 miles on their schedule so I ran a few more miles by myself in the end to get to 14. I had a good run. The route is mainly rolling hills but I enjoy the change since I don't have a lot of hills to run near me. We got caught in a downpour around Mile 9 but it did not last long. It was really refreshing and we really need the rain because the drought situation is pretty bad here in Southern California.

Sunday: Strength Training: This was supposed to be a rest day but my Wednesday workout was so not great that I decided that I needed to make it up today. 


I am a little nervous about the upcoming week. My speed workout will be 7 miles and up until now I haven't done more than 5 miles of speedwork. Those workouts are the most challenging for me but I plan to hit it hard and give it my best effort. 

It is doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you, right?

Did anyone hear about the situation/cancellation of the Revel Rockies race in Colorado? What are your thoughts on the situation?
I am registered to run another one of their events in November and the whole situation made me really nervous since all of their race require bus service to get to the start. I am curious to see how they deal with the situation and with all of the unhappy runners.

Jul 13, 2015

Training Recap: Week Four (July 6-July 12)

I think I overdid it with the eating this week so I am getting myself back on track this week. We celebrated my nephew and my other half's birthdays so we were all over the place eating and celebrating with family. 

Here is a recap of Week Four:

Monday: Strength Training: We got to the gym early since I was off work and it was empty! We were able to get a workout in without having to stand around and wait which really helped us keep moving and break a good sweat.

Tuesday: Speedwork (5 Miles): I planned on heading to the track early since I was still on vacation and the weather was perfect but ended up here instead to eat 57 cent pancakes. You gotta live a little, right?

I still made it to the track in the evening in the 80 degree temps. This is my challenging day of the week but seems to go really quickly.

WednesdayStrength Training 

Thursday: 3.65 Miles with Drills

Friday: REST DAY: It wasn't much of a rest day because I ended up at the dentist getting a root canal. I haven't had a cavity in forever but apparently one of my filling cracked without me realizing it and it resulted in a deep cavity. I didn't have any pain or discomfort but good thing I went in for my check up and they found it before it got worse.

Saturday: 10 Miles @9:00: I finally went for a run with my running club. I have missed these people and it felt good to have some company on my run.

Sunday: 3 Mile Recovery Run: I did this one on the treadmill. It had been a while since I have ran on the machine but it was nice to not have to get up early before church to get this one done. Watching the Wimbledon Championship helped the time pass quickly before the boredom sat in.


I have been training with my coach now for a month. He has kept the mileage just where I need it to be in order to stop the hip pain from returning. The next couple of weeks will be a good test for me as the mileage will continue to increase and the speed work will start to get a little harder. I have a 5K coming up soon and I am hoping to see some progress there if the weather is not too warm. I am a wimp and my performance really declines in the heat.