Oct 6, 2014

It's Race Week and Goals for the Long Beach Marathon.

In just six days I will be running Marathon #6 and it will be my third time running this marathon. It feels nice knowing that I am going to actually make it to the starting line this time. I have missed some important races this year and it has been disappointing to say the least.

I am going into this race with a different mindset. I think it is mostly because I will be pacing a friend to a PR. I hope I can get her there and everything goes as planned. I will be running over a minute slower than my goal marathon pace so I will be out there longer than I am used to. I wonder how that is going to affect me. It makes me a bit nervous but I am going to try to enjoy this race and make this marathon as positive of a experience as I can for my friend.

We did our last long run together this past Saturday. We actually ran 10 miles of the Long Beach Marathon course and what I consider to be one of the tougher parts of the course. The last few miles of the course have a gradual uphill climb as well which can be difficult especially in those last few miles.

My main goal will be to keep her on track with her pace and keep her from going out too fast. I will be wearing my Garmin and she will be running without hers. She is getting anxious and wants to do better each time we talk. I guess we all feel that way and that's what makes us push ourselves to become stronger runners. She has set some personal goals for this race which will be her second marathon. 


A+ Goal= Any time under 4:30

A Goal: 4:30 

B Goal: Under 5 Hours

C Goal: PR this darn race which would be anything under 5:30 for her

The weather is not looking too bad at this point but I would love to see it in the mid to high 50's. The race starts at 6:00 am very close to the ocean so I think that is going to help us out a lot.

Anyone else running Long Beach or Chicago this Sunday?


  1. I ran Chicago and the temps were perfect in the mid to upper 40s. How did your race go?

    1. I saw the weather for Chicago and it was great! The weather was in the mid 60's but it was humid. The race went well and my friend met her A+ goal.