Aug 11, 2015

Training Recap: Week Eight: (August 3-August 9)

The weather was so much better this week especially for my long run on Saturday. It was overcast the entire time and then the sun started to come out from behind the clouds right as we were finishing up. This week the heat will be back so I have to get my mind ready for it. 

I set a goal this year to run 1400 miles and I have just passed the halfway point with 782 miles. I am slightly behind my goal but I have 5 months let in the year to get there. I am also looking forward to getting my 1000 mile pin from my running club really soon. I know I can reach this goal since I am sooo close.

Here is a recap of Week Eight:

Monday: Strength Training: The gym is so crowded on Monday's so this is my least favorite workout of the week since it takes forever to get your workout done.

Tuesday:4.34 Miles

Wednesday:  Strength Training

Thursday: 7.33 Mile Speed Workout:  I got to the track rise as the sun was coming up and was it was empty. I felt really good after this track workout because it was the same workout I did 8 weeks ago but this time I was able to do it twice without feeling too beat up!

Friday: REST DAY: Unfortunately it wasn't such a great day because I had to attend my grandma's funeral on my step-dad's side.

Saturday: 14 Miles with the Running Club. I am glad that I ran with them because sometimes these long runs seem impossible to do alone. 

Sunday: Strength Training: I really didn't feel like going to the gym but I had no good reason not to so I went!  I think I overdid it because I have been sore for two days now.


My long run this week calls for 18 Miles. I think I am going to run 16 with my running club and then pick up an extra two miles before or after. It is supposed to be a hot one on Saturday too but those cool towels that my running club puts at the water stops is going to save me!

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  1. Sorry for the grandma.
    A solid week. Good luck on reaching your goal.