Sep 20, 2015

Training Update: Week 14 (September 14-September 20)

This week was a tough one and all of my runs seemed harder than they should have been. I felt very fatigued after the Ventura Half Marathon last Sunday and did not have much energy at all this week. My IT bands were sore for a few days which was very odd. I have never experienced that before especially after a race that I did not give 100%. I did not even make it to the gym all week and did all of my strength training at home. I tried to stay positive and thankfully things came together at the end of the week.

Here is a recap of Week Fourteen:

Monday: Strength Training: I have all of the tools that I need at home so when I don't feel like driving to the gym I have no excuse!

Tuesday: 3.25 Miles with 30 second pickups: Thankfully this was a short run because I was just not feeling it. I fought through it and got it done.

Wednesday: Strength Training: I did not make it to the gym again and did my strength training at home.

Thursday: 6.23 Miles: This was my toughest run of the week. I had the day off so I went to the track early and had the toughest time hitting my goal paces. I stopped a few times because I was so frustrated. I finally pulled it together and finished it because quitting was not an option.

FridayREST DAY: I really needed this day off. I felt like my body needed a day to recover and get back on track.

Saturday: 17.25 Miles: After having such a bad week, the negative thoughts were already stuck in my mind. I also knew it was going to be a hot day so that was not helping my negative thoughts. I started while it was still dark out and finished before the heat set in. This run turned out better than expected and the last three miles were the fastest. I needed that!

Sunday REST DAY: Definitely needed this day to relax and that is what I did. We went to the beach and enjoyed the day. I also worked on my compression sock tan which is much needed. I's pretty bad! I am working on it.


2015 MILES: 941

This week I really need to focus on getting my mind back in the game. Thankfully it is a easier week and my long run is only ten miles at marathon goal pace. I think I can handle that but if the heat would let up that would make it that much better.


  1. Great job and awesome long run!! You always seem to be on fire in your training, even when you aren't having your best week.

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