Jun 20, 2011

Long Training Run Number One: 10.16 Miles

Weather Report: Heavy Drizzle and 57-61 degrees.
The cars give you a good idea of how heavy the drizzle was!
Today was the first long training run for Shawna and I as we set off in our quest to run a marathon in under four hours.  We chose Bonelli Park as our first meeting location since I had never ran there before and wanted to try it. We decided that we would take it easy on the first run, evaluate our progress, and then make some decisions about future runs. We met up at the Park and Ride at 7:00am and started on our quest to Break Four Hours or Bust!
This was the first time that Shawna and I had ever ran together. We got a feel for each others running styles and had some great conversation. We talked about everything from work to losing toe nails! The scenery in Bonelli Park is great and I was taking it all in as a first timer.  I was probably getting on Shawna's nerves because I kept stopping and taking pictures of everything!
Check out the view of Raging Waters!

Our route took us through San Dimas, La Verne and Pomona.   We saw some interesting things along the way..lots of rabbits, and even a coyote!  The coyote scared me a little bit because he was looking right at us!! I didn't want to be his breakfast! By the time we hit Mile 3 the drizzle had pretty much come to a stop but the weather was still great...no sun and still cool.
Downtown LaVerne
I have to carry my own water with me at all times but Shawna doesn't like anything attached to her while she runs so we made some water stops. She knew all of the places to stop and get water and some of her stops were a little tempting! Those glazed donuts sure looked and smelled good!!

Miss Donuts and Bagel?? Come on Shawna!

This place sure smelled good but we were just there for water!
The first six miles went by really quickly!  I was amazed at how the time passes when you have a running buddy. We talked the entire time, except when we hit the hills (or "inclines" as Shawna likes to call them) that Shawna forgot to tell me about! I am used to running solo so there are days where I constantly stare at my Garmin praying that the run will end soon! Shawna's Garmin decided to malfunction on this run so we used mine to track our progress. We made another water stop at Norm's Hangar which had a drinking fountain and bathrooms too.  
We left Norm's Hangar at Mile 6.5, and we hit some hills with gradual inclines on the way back. We were still feeling pretty good and the last four miles were our best in spite of the hills, I mean inclines, that Shawna failed to mention!  We ran through an RV Park/Resort and then headed on back through some winding roads.
Another great view from Bonelli Park on the way back.
We decided to call it quits at Mile 10.16 and headed back to the Park and Ride.  It was kind of nice to see the Exit sign after a ten mile run.  I hadn't ran ten miles in a while due to the issues that I have been having with my left leg (shin splint and ITBS).  I wasn' t feeling any pain so that was a really positive thing for me!!
10.16 Miles Done!!

I headed home and stopped at Starbucks to get some of my favorite oatmeal. I made sure that I iced my leg as soon as I got home to avoid any setbacks.
I love this stuff!!
Thank God for ice! It works miracles!!
We averaged about a 10:30 pace for the first six miles and picked it up during the last four miles. Our pace for the entire run was 10:09.  We decided that on our next long run we would shoot for under 10:00. I like the challenge and I know that Shawna is down for it too!

GARMIN STATS...WOW 960 Calories burned!
10.16 miles at a 10:09 Pace
Since it was Father's Day, we ended our day with dinner at Buca di Beppo! 

This morning I realized that I must have had a great workout because my hips and thighs are sore!  I love being sore....it's a true sign of progress and hard work paying off. I even toughed it out and went to my Spin Class in spite of the pain :)

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