Jun 9, 2011

Sub Four or Bust!!

So my co-worker Shawna and I have come up with this crazy idea to run the Long Beach International City Bank Marathon on October 9, 2011 in under 4 hours! We chose the Long Beach Marathon because the course is flat, it's by the beach, and the price was affordable!  

We have both ran a marathon before, me one, and Shawna six! What this really translates into for both of us is 3:59:59!!  We will just be excited to have the number 3 instead of the number 4 in our tag time.  We have developed a 16-week training schedule and will start getting serious about it on June 19th (Father's Day)! This will be our first long Sunday run together. We are looking forward to meeting our goal, but if not.....there are lots of other opportunities for us to do it :) It's not like we are going to stop running anytime soon because we are addicted to running! 

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