Jul 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. I hope everyone had a great 4th of July.  My family and I had a great time.  We ate a lot of junk good food, set off lots of fireworks and the kids did lots of swimming and had a great time forming a conga line in the jacuzzi!
2.  I went for a 12 mile run to kick off my 4th of July and I think I am loving my new Mizuno Wave Rider 15's! I finally caught a break from the hot weather and I really enjoyed my run. My Wave Rider's are so light, very comfortable and they provide just the right amount of support for my feet. I have only ran in them twice but my past experience with trying new shoes shows that the next day is a good indicator of whether or not they will work for me. I am not in love with the color I bought but I have been looking at the different colors Mizuno offers and now I want another pair!
3. I drive a Prius so unless you drive a clean air vehicle you might not understand why I am loving these parking spaces that are located in a busy shopping center near my house. I just pull right in and don't have to waste any time looking for a parking spot!
These parking spaces are actually closer than the handicapped parking and I do get annoyed when non-clean air vehicles park in "my" spaces! I have also seen special parking spaces designated for expectant moms, which I think is pretty cool too!  Is it weird that I am a runner yet I am excited about getting a parking space that cuts down on my walking??  I feel kind of lazy parking in these spaces but I do it anyway!

How was your 4th of July? Do you drive a clean air vehicle? Do you have any specially designated parking areas like the "Clean Air Vehicle" or "Expectant Mom" spaces where you live?


  1. ok...I want a piece of that cake!!! yum!

    i had a busy fouth as well...We have a "village" parade where the kids all decorate their bikes and folks get their old cars out...then it ends at the beach with a ceremony, hotdogs and beer!!! Then we stay on the beach all day and they have all kinds of activities for the kids! But, I am exhausted today!
    I love the shot of your kids in the jacuzzi...priceless!

    Yes, they are starting certain parking for expectant mothers...and mothers with children...but I haven't seen any clean air vehicles parking yet...I'll have to look more closely!

  2. The village parade sounds like a lot of fun!! My son would have a ball decorating his bike! We are planning a beach trip tomorrow so it going to be a great week. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love my Mizunos too! I wear the Elxir 7's. I have been a Mizuno shoe guy for about 8 years now, love em.

    We had a great 4th. Family, food and a long nap!

    We have no clean air programs in Nebraska, but we do sell a lot of ethanol and supposedly that is good for the air and environment.

    It is funny, I always park as far from the building I am entering to get in the extra walk for burning calories. My wife on the other hand loves the front row!

    1. I have been finding that lots of runners love Mizunos!! Glad to hear that you had a great 4th!!

  4. glad you like your new shoes
    I tried my new mizunos today, just 3 miles..always starting easy with new ones. so far so good.

    July 4th was spent on a plane!!!

    1. I hope you like the Mizunos! 4th of July on the plane does not sound like fun but it's nice to have you back in California :)

  5. Yay 12 miles!! I love it.

    Great photos!!
    Love the 4th!

    1. Thank You!! The kids had a blast!! I am trying to get my mileage back up but it won't be anything like yours! You are unbelievable!!