Jun 24, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader

I have been hearing that Google Reader will be going away for some time now but haven't done much to make the switch elsewhere. I figured I would hang on until the last minute since it hasn't gone away quite yet. I have been reading some posts about Bloglovin' and decided to check it out last night.

I think I like it! It is so much easier to manage the blogs you read and much easier to add and delete blogs too. I found that it was much more time consuming to make changes in Google Reader. I also like that I can easily see all of the unread posts from all of the blogs that I follow so I don't miss anything!

I added a Bloglovin' button on the main page of my blog so that you can follow my blog or you can click here if you haven't already! 

Have you made the switch over to Bloglovin'?
Don't forget to follow my blog on Bloglovin'!


  1. I followed all my blogs on Bloglovin but I haven't actually used it much yet. so I hope I like it!

  2. I've started using Feedly. I'm guessing Bloglovin' just handles blogs or I'd consider it if I heard more good things about it like you have mentioned.

  3. I never liked Google Reader and have been on Blog Lovin' for awhile now. Love it!

  4. I signed up for Bloglovin awhile back but I'm hanging on to Google Reader until the last possible moment. I like Bloglovin but I hate adjusting to something new.

    1. I hear that Google Reader is going away on Monday! I love it too and it's so hard to change. We are such creatures of habit!