Jun 30, 2013

Spectating a Race-The Pasadena Half Marathon/5K/10K

I thought about running this race but decided not to since I didn't want to deal with the heat! My other half and some of his relatives had invited us to run with them but I knew that I had a long run on the books and I felt like I was trying to squeeze in too much for the week. I decided that I would spectate a race for the first time in my life knowing that it would be a different feeling because I never pass up an opportunity to run!

This is the only distance that my other half will run although he has been kind of hinting at a 10K. I am sure pretty soon he will be talking about a half marathon after the 10K and then once he completes a half we all know how the thoughts of running a marathon sneak into the back of your mind. I really hope he decides to run a marathon. I would love to run it with him and cross the finish line as a team. He thinks it's pretty crazy and swears he would never do it but we shall see.. I used to say the same thing!
Normally my other half is my photographer and the person who stands out there for hours waiting for me to finish my race. He pretty much attends every single one of my races and never complains. I thought it would be fun to do the same for him this time around. I enjoyed myself so I am glad that I did.
It was a hot day and it was about 79 degrees at 7:00 am when the 5K started and about 82 degrees when they finished. It was not a PR for him since the heat was a little overbearing and they decided to take it easy. He finished in 31:49 but he picked up the course at 3.44 miles since they had to cross over to the opposite side of the street to get to the water stops.
They had a great time and my son was amazed with all of the media coverage that was there. He really wanted to be on TV and was standing anywhere he could see the cameras!
Watching those runners crossing the finish line was tough because I wanted to be doing the same! It was fun to cheer on all of the runners but the thought of wondering how long it would have taken me to complete the 5K is still dancing in the back of my mind. I guess that is just the runner in me.

Does your spouse or significant other support your running and attend your races?


  1. Sometimes I wish I had a significant other to support me on courses. It gets old being a solo act. It looks like you all had a fun time, even with the heat. It's fun to be at the circus, whether you're running or just watching.

    1. We had a good time with family and got out of there before the heat got worse. Several people had already passed out from the heat so it was not a good day to run a half marathon for those who did.

  2. My husband comes out whenever I have a local race, which isn't often enough--I'm always flying or driving somewhere to run. But whenever he's there it's a huge lift--he was there for my 10K and half-marathon PRs, and I'm still trying to figure out some way for him to come to Chicago with me in October.

    I'm always happy to come cheer for him when he runs races--also not often enough--he's an old cross-country runner and has been doing races way longer than I have, but he's also much more mellow than I am. :^)

  3. My husband Nice having someone at the finish line to cheer you on.