Sep 1, 2013

My Weekly Update 8/26/13-9/1/13 and A Record Month!!

I took it easy for the most part this week since it was race week. Even though I didn't have any big plans I still wanted to save my legs for running 19.3 miles in two days which is something that I never do. Not only did I have a blast at the Dumbo Double Dare but I had a record month. I ran 147 miles in the month of August and I am pretty proud of that.
Monday: 6 Miles with my other half @9:54 pace. It was warm out there at 6:30 am so we kept any easy pace and powered through it. I had the day off so I always try to get a morning run in on my days off since I am not able to do it during the week. By the way, my other half is still doing good with his half marathon training!
Tuesday:Cross Training Day: 45 minutes on the bike trainer. Didn't have my Garmin to track any stats so I have no idea how many miles I rode.

Wednesday: 7.06 Miles on the treadmill @8:29 pace. I started easy and finished with a 7:30 mile.

Thursday: REST DAY


SaturdayDisneyland 10K: (52:33 / 8:18 pace) RECAP IN PROCESS

Sunday: Disneyland Half Marathon: (1:48:43 / 8:11 pace) RECAP IN PROCESS

Total Miles: 32.66

Time to rest up and get ready for another week. Next time is going to be a super easy week for me. I need a little break right about now because it is too darn hot and humid around here!

How was your week?
Did you race this weekend or do you have any races coming up in September?
I have nothing else on the Race Calendar for September but I just might add a race!


  1. Holly crazy mileage!
    That is crazy!
    Here's to staying healthy
    Congrats on a great race weekend at DL!

  2. Great week and month! I can't wait to hear all about the Dumbo Double Dare, loved all the fun pics on Instagram!

  3. WOW! Amazing job at Disney! Can't wait to read the recaps! Congrats on a great month. I'm pacing a half marathon on Sept 15th and that's it!