Sep 5, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. My son's first day of school was Tuesday. Initially he did not want me to drop him off. I mean he is a sixth grader now and is too cool to hang out with me! He told me "no flash photography please" but I managed to convince him to let me take just one picture of him. The rest of pictures I took without his permission.
2. I always know when my birthday is close because I get tons of free offers in my email. I am most excited about the $30.00 free meal at Benihana! My birthday is Saturday and I will be celebrating it by attending a friend's wedding. My family is not too excited about how I chose to celebrate my birthday but I wouldn't miss her wedding for the world. 
 3. There may be a marathon in my near future. I am trying to finalize my plans and I should know more by the weekend! I am excited!!


  1. Mmmm....lots of sweets there!

  2. Happy birthday weekend!!!!
    What marathon? LA???