Oct 31, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Happy Halloween! My son is going to be Ironman this year and please do not ask how he squeezed into that costume! 

Sugar is going to be the Security Guard of the house since she does not take well to unfamiliar people. This costume fits her perfectly and was only $2.47 at Petsmart! DEAL!

2. I signed up for Pile on the Miles for the month of November over at Run Eat Repeat. If you haven't signed up yet, you should because you have a chance to win some pretty nice prizes and it keeps you accountable! My goal is to run 125 miles in the month of November.
Pile on the Miles 2013

3. I thought I was done signing up for races for 2013 but I am thinking about running this local Turkey Trot 5K. It is one of those small races that all of the fast people show up for so it is hard to place even though it is a small race. I ran it in 2012 and ended up placing 4th in AG.

Who else is participating in Pile on the Miles 2013?
What is your goal?

Any plans for running a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving?
I like to run Turkey Trots so that I can feel better about all of the food that I will be eating on Thanksgiving Day!


  1. The last time we were in NC for Thanksgiving I ran a Turkey Trot that turned out to be some sort of national championship. Terra Moody was the women's winner. And I thought it was just some local fun. Haha! I'll probably do a trot or 2 this year since we're home.

  2. Happy Halloween to you guys! Sugar looks ready to deal with any intruders disguised as trick or treaters. Thanks for the reminder about Pile on the Miles!

  3. Ironman.... remembering the wonderful AC DC's soundtrack! Your house is safe with a super-hero like Ironman and a guard as Sugar!

  4. Happy Halloween a day late! I might do 2 Turkey Trots this year. Our hometown one has a 2 miler I want to do as a family--it's always 2 weeks before Thanksgiving on a Saturday (also has a fast 10K that all the speedsters come to--I'm never anywhere near my AG when I do that one). Then down in Boulder they have a day-of Trot that's a 5K. Both are really fun!