Dec 3, 2013

November Rewind and Pile On the Miles

November was a little tough for me since it took me a while to get back on track after the Long Beach Marathon. I had some hamstring issues during that race that scared me to death so I think the thoughts of injury in the back of my mind kept me from really jumping back into things like I really wanted to. My training for the LA Marathon had a rocky start but this past week I finally started to feel like things were getting back to normal again and then the hamstring issue tried to make another appearance.
I ran a total of 104 miles in November and thank God for Monica and Pile on the Miles or else I probably would not have come close to my goal. I set out to run 125 Miles in the month of November which is about average for me but I did not meet my goal. My hamstring started acting up again so I skipped my long run this past weekend and rested for 3 days. It was the smart thing to do even though it ate away at me.

I ran three races in November as well. I ran the Surfer's Point Half Marathon with my other half and I also ran a Turkey Trot (5K) on Thanksgiving Day. I also had the opportunity to run Ragnar Las Vegas with some incredible people. 
I also met one of my Running Goals of 2013 which was to run 1200 miles. I am really happy about having met this goal mid November because I know that I can to increase my mileage in 2014. I am thinking of setting my goal mileage to 1400-1500 for 2014.
What does December have in store for me? Well, I only have one race in December which is a fun run half marathon but LA Marathon training will be in full force and I will use this half as an easy long run. It is sometimes hard to stay on track with training during the holidays and when family is visiting from out of town but I am determined to stick with it!

How was your November?

What does December have in store for you? 

How do you stay on track with training during the holidays?


  1. Congrats on meeting your yearly mileage goal! Mine's at about 1400 for this year. 3 races in November is great!

    1. I think I am going to shoot for 1400 next year but I have to be careful. My body does not respond well to high mileage.

  2. I'll be at Diva too! I was hoping to make it a PR, but getting sick near the end of my training cycle may have smashed that goal. It's all good. It should be a fun run.

    1. Cool! I was looking at the course map on their website which shows the course as 13.7 miles so this may not be the best course for a PR unless that is incorrect. Have a great run. It is going to be freezing cold!