Jun 15, 2014

A Painful Week and a Race-Cation

Th beginning of this week was pretty painful but ended well. My quads were hurting for days from last weeks squats and the half marathon that I ran on Saturday as well. I think I have to chill with the squats because they interfere with my running. I guess I am a wimp :(

Monday: Rest Day-Even though I did not race the half marathon my legs still felt it due to the downhill grade of the course. I needed to take the day off to let my legs recover.

Tuesday: 7 Mile Progressive Run. I certainly was not in the mood to run but I know the feeling of missing a run so I am glad I showed up. My yurbuds died so the last two miles were really hard to finish.

Wednesday: Rest Day from running but still did some strength training. I had a dentist appointment to have some old fillings replaced so I didn't think running with my numb lips flapping in the wind would be a good idea.

Thursday: 7 Mile Progressive Run @8:16 on the treadmill.

Friday: 4 Mile Jog/Walk with my other half, my son and my running buddy. My son wants to train for a 5K since he out of school for the summer. Let's see if he actually sticks to it! I know he can do it but he would probably have to walk more than he could run.

Saturday: Rest Day from Running but did some strength training. We decided to celebrate Father's Day a day early to avoid the crowds. We went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and it was so good. My favorite things to eat there is the Chicken Madeira. If you have never tried it then you have to!

Sunday: 15 Miles@8:41. I ran the first half easy and then ran the last half at MGP or slightly faster. I try not to stare at my Garmin the entire time since it kinds of stresses me out. I can usually tell when I am going faster than I should be so I check in every once in a while.

Total Miles: 33 Miles

It looks like my friend is probably not going to make it to Napa with me to run the Zooma Napa Valley Half Marathon. I was really looking forward to running with her but I know that she is still going through a lot and I need to be sensitive to that. 

I haven't thought about any goals for the half marathon yet. I don't think I have raced a half in quite some time. All of my half marathons always seem to become part of my marathon training. I am not sure if I am ready to race a half but I guess I will see how I feel as it gets closer to race week. In any case, I want to enjoy the run since we will be making a short race-cation out of the trip up to Napa. I am looking forward to it since we are always so busy and haven't taken a vacation in a long time. My son wants to see Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge but is not excited about the long drive.

How was your week?

Did you do anything special for Father's Day?


  1. LOVE the Cheesecake Factory!
    Can you take an extra day for the trip and break up the drive? I've driven up there a few times and we'd leave on Friday after work and spent the night up in Bakersfield or someplace like that. Then we got back on the road the next morning. It's a nice drive, but I can see how it would seem really long to a child.

    1. That is an idea but I have to think about my dogs and finding someone to take care of them. Cheesecake Factory is the best, right?

  2. Those downhill courses like that are killers! But they are fun to do. I had a pretty good week and did a 10k on Saturday that went pretty good other than my Garmin never finding a satelite.

    1. Good thing I ran it easy or I am afraid of what my quads would feel like! I saw that you ran that 10K and you did an awesome job!

  3. Squats always kill me too! They totally ruin my week of running if I go too hard. I need to be careful...or maybe my legs and butt just need to get used to them! Looks like you had a great week of training, Sandy! Happy Father's Day to your hubby!

    1. Thank You! I wish I lived close by to you so we could run together. I am sure I would improve my speed if I pushed myself on a run with you!

  4. That looks like a finely planned week that you have gone through, painful as it may be. At least you've got a lot of important stuff done. You've even managed to sneak dental maintenance along the way. That's good form, which is really something you will need. I hope everything's going well. All the best!

    Dominic Woods @ Metro Dental Associates