Jun 29, 2015

Training Recap: Week Two (June 22-June 28)

Happy Monday! I have to say that I am really enjoying my training lately. I think what I love most about it is that I am never doing the same workout twice. My coach really changes things up so I actually look forward to my runs and trying new things each week. I am not running as many miles am I am used to which is a little scary but I have to trust the training. The good news about the lower mileage is that I have not had any hip pain in the last 2 weeks. Getting me back to running pain free is the priority so I am easing back into things slowly.

I had to juggle things around this week because my 87 year-old Grandma was not feeling well and needed me. My family comes before running so this week was all about getting back on track and juggling my personal life with my training schedule.

Here is a recap of Week Two:

Monday: Strength Training: I love this stuff but dislike how crowded the gym can be after work. I try to get there early so I can get in and out and beat the crowds.

Tuesday: Unplanned Rest Day: My Grandma was not feeling well so I did not make it to the track. We ended up at the Urgent Care instead and found out that she has a very severe Urinary Tract Infection. She is on medication now and feeling better. We are praying that she is 100% again very soon.

Wednesday: Speedwork (4.19 Miles): These runs have been a little challenging because of the heat. I try to get to the track as late as possible but it is still in the high 80's at 7:00pm. I have been hitting my goal paces/times so I am pretty happy about that!

Thursday: Strength Training: My other half has committed to working out in the weight area of the gym with me since I feel weird around all of the men. 

Friday: 8 Mile Endurance Run

Saturday:Strength Training: My legs were still a little sore from my strength training on Thursday so I took this workout a little easier. The gym is pretty empty on Saturday morning too so we were able to get in and out of there.

Sunday: 4.34 Miles: This run was short but it wasn't an easy one. I was a sweaty mess but felt accomplished when it was over.


I am already looking forward to my workouts for Week Three and haven't felt like skipping a workout yet. I guess it is different when you have a coach who is working with you. You want to be even more accountable than you ever were before. 

Do you change your workouts up and try new things?
This has really made a difference for me because I actually look forward to my runs because I am not doing the same thing over and over again. It is even better to try the new workouts in new places instead of the same routes I usually take.

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  1. I agree its definitely important to change things up! Great job!