Nov 13, 2011

Mission Inn Run 10K: 11/13/11 (My First 10K)

Yes, I finally ran a 10K!  I went into this race without any real goal but simply to see where I stood with this distance.  I planned to run at a comfortable pace and use my time to predict times other predicted times at various distances.  Earlier this week, I squeezed a 20 mile run in (a day after my speed workout) so I really pushed my legs to the limit. They were not very happy with me this week.

I am a big time weather watcher if you haven't noticed by now.  I was worried that it was going to rain and I wasn't looking forward to running in the rain but I guess there is a first time for everything.  I was in no matter what.

This was a very small race but it offered a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and a Kids Run too. The 10K started at 8:30am and the weather turned out to be much better than I expected.  It was a little on the cold side at the start (48 degrees) but the sun was out so I found a spot in the sun and waited for the race to start.

The course seemed pretty hilly to me. The minute I went up a hill it seemed like I was turning a corner and heading up another.  Although I had no real goal in mind, my goal of running a 10K in under 50 minutes kept playing in the back of my mind.  I started out a little faster than I anticipated because the very first part of the course was downhill but after the first mile I slowed myself way down and tried to maintain an 8:00 minute pace.  If I was unable to hold that pace, I didn't have a problem with slowing down and sticking to a pace that was comfortable for me. I slowed myself down on all of the hilly parts of the course because the last thing I wanted to do was kill myself and run out of gas early on.

The last couple of miles were on a bike trail and even that darn thing wasn't flat.  I was starting to feel a little tired at Mile 5 but I told myself that I had one more mile to go and convinced myself to stay strong.  I gave it all that I had the last mile, and pumped out a 7:30 pace until I saw the finish.  I was really excited to see the clock since I knew that I had a chance to finish in under 50 minutes.  I finished in 49:39 and accomplished another one of my Running Goals!  I also earned an automatic PR since this was my first 10K!!
My husband and I hung around until they posted the official results and then another surprise.  He told me that I finished second in my age group which meant that I earned a second medal!  The medals are about as cute as the hilly course that they make you run but they are taking up more space on my empty medal hanger so it is starting to look better already! I love these small races since they are the only races that I am probably ever going to place in!
I felt much stronger in this 10K than I did in my 5K last month and I think it has something to do with those crazy speed workouts that I have been doing for the past few weeks! Thank you speed work but I am still not in love...
The race ended at the Mission Inn so we wandered over to take a few pictures and use the ladies room.  They use fresh hand towels, not paper towels, in their restrooms, so I took full advantage and washed my nasty, sticky, salty face.  Kinda of tacky..I know, but that cold towel on my face sure felt good!


  1. congrats! I was there also I can see myself on your one of your pic (the one at the start)
    I remember seeing you and noticing your cute running skirt!!!

    you are very fast!!! this was my 2nd year running this one, last year was super hot and very windy and so hard, this year much better!!!

    writing my race report tonight!

  2. That's awesome!!! Congrats, you did an amazing job!

  3. Woohoo, nice work on your first ever 10K!

    And you won TWO medals, that's darn impressive. You should be proud of yourself, winning 2nd in your age group. Your legs were probably very tired from your hard week with speed work and the 20 miler, which makes it even more of a great feat.

    Cheers to many more successful races to come :)

  4. You did awesome!!! Congrats on placing!!!

  5. Great job, great PR, great AG placement! Wow!