Dec 5, 2011

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things with Hills and My Favorite Holiday Goodies!

It's feels good to be getting back on track in terms of training. The previous week was pretty unproductive so I had to get myself back on track this past week.  I managed to get all of my workouts in but being sick caused me to cut one of my runs short.  I was finding it a bit difficult to run and cough like crazy at the same time.  I was also out of energy and pushed myself to do as much as I possibly could before calling it quits.  Here is what last week looked like: 

Monday: XT Day#1: Spin Class 

Tuesday: 5.25 miles (Should have been 8 but too sick to finish) 

Wednesday: REST DAY

Thursday: 6 Mile Speed Workout on Treadmill (Seemed much easier on the treadmill) 

Friday: REST DAY (Went to the movies to see Jack and Jill..pretty funny!)

Saturday: 13 Mile Run @8:42 (We finished the last three miles strong!) 

Sunday: XT Day#2: 45 minutes on Life Cycle  

Total Miles for the Week: 24.25 

Holiday Half Marathon:
Shawna and I will be running the Holiday Half Marathon this Sunday so we did a mock run on part of the course this past Saturday.  We were not able to cover the entire course since we did not have access to all of it but we ran a good portion of it.  It is a pretty hilly course so I am not expecting to PR on this course by no means. My quads were feeling it after the mock run on Saturday! I guess they warned us by using the word "HILLS" on the Elevation Chart.

Shawna and I have decided to dress up and look very festive for this race so I don't know how comfortable we will be. I am in it strictly for fun this time but I am not so sure about Shawna! This is the last race of 2011 for me so I will spend the remainder of the year enjoying the holidays but will continue to stick to my training plan.

My Favorite Holiday Goodies:
All of the Christmas decorating is done at home and it is already starting to feel like Christmas at work.  I added some lights on my monitor and all the goodies are starting to show up at work too.  

I can resist most of the junk food at work but there is one thing that I wait for every year and it showed up today!

Linda's Homemade Toffee!!
A co-workers wife sends us a huge can of homemade toffee every year that just melts in your mouth.  I absolutely love it!!!  Is it rude that I took half of the can for myself?

While I am on the subject of my favorite holiday foods, have you heard about the 12 Days of Yuletide Yumminess at Yogurtland?  Don't miss out on these flavors!!  I haven't been!!

What are some of your favorite goodies that only come around during Christmas time? How do you resist all of the goodies at work?  Or do you not??


  1. I love homemade toffee.

    and hills would be an accurate way to describe that elevation chart! I can't wait to see how you dress up for it!

  2. Ooh a half marathon coming up this weekend! You are going to rock it, can't wait to hear about it.
    The elevation profile doesn't look too terrible...yeah, I suppose it is a lot of ups and downs, but at least the climbs don't appear to be more than 50 feet...I'm trying to be optimistic here, because in my mind that kind of stuff if HUGE, but in reality it shouldn't be too bad :)

  3. Those frozen yogurt flavors sound amazing! I love the lights around your computer too, that's too cute!
    I don't resist any special Christmas goodies. I just skip the everyday treats instead. I don't NEED another bar of chocolate, but I have to have special homemade desserts baked by friends!

  4. I will be there....ways behind you....!!!
    I will be there Saturday also, my kids are running the mile run!

    I am going just for fun ..the hills will not bring a PR for me for sure and that is ok
    it is also my last race for 2011!

  5. I can always resist holiday goodies - if I stay far away from the teachers room! Ha!

  6. My husband and his mom wait all year for the white chocolate fudge covered oreos to come out. I love eggnog and the different coffee creamer flavors that are only out this time of year.

    I like the lights on your monitor!

  7. Yeah, the goodies that already are consistently in attendance at my job are escalating in frequency and in yumminess. Must.Keep.Moving.

  8. Whoah…that's a hilly course! I'm doing a half this weekend and thought it was hilly, but that puts it into perspective for me :) Good luck!

  9. I'm so bad at resisting treats. I guess that means I just have to run more!