Oct 31, 2011

Getting Closer to Accomplishing Another Goal!

I completed my second week of my new training plan which now includes speed work and a couple days of cross training per week. I was able to hit all of my target times and completed all of my workouts. I also managed to squeeze two days of cross training in which is incredible for me since my schedule is really hectic. 

Week #2 Recap:

Monday: XT#1: 45 minutes on stationary bike= 16.2 miles

Tuesday: Speed Work= 4 miles

Wednesday: XT#2: 45 minutes on stationary bike= 16.3 miles

Thursday: REST

Friday: Tempo Run=7.71 miles (was actually a long run gone bad)

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 15 miles

Total Mileage=59.21 (26.71 of those miles were running)

I have noticed some new aches and pains here and there and I think the speed work has something to do with it.  I am not used to it so I am hoping that my body adjusts quickly and that I don't end up with a new injury to hold me back!  I have been using Salonpas patches to deal with the minor aches and pains but I am beginning to look like a weirdo walking around with ten  of these pain patches all over my body! I have some areas that I need to work on, my long runs in particular. I have to work on running a slower pace on my long runs.  I am not used to running at such a slow pace but I know that time is not so important on the long runs and my focus should be on building my endurance. Sometimes I just want to get the long runs over with so I can start my day so I tend to go a little faster than I should.

One of my Running Goals is to run 1000 miles in 2011.  I just realized that I am really close to meeting/exceeding that goal. As of 10/31, I have banked 934.36 miles!  I think I can actually meet this goal in the month of November!  Oh how I love meeting my Running Goals!!  I get really excited to say the least!

I am looking forward to this week and the new challenges that my training is  bringing me!  I might have to attend jury duty later this week so I am hoping to get an early morning or late afternoon spin class in to change things around! I love feeling challenged and I am hoping to see some improvements in my next marathon. My first 10K is just a couple of weeks away and I will be running it with no real goal in mind but just wanting to see where I stand at this particular distance.

How did your week go?  Were you able to squeeze all of your planned workouts in?

Having a little fun at work for Halloween!
Have a Happy Halloween!!!


  1. Great job on the speed work and being so close to your goal for the year!

  2. I love your Halloween costume! Awesome job with the workouts. Speed training is definitely killer and I feel the same way about long runs. I always just want to get them over with so that I can get on with my day! Make sure you keep getting those cross training days in! It took me a long time to realize how important they are. I love cross training now :)

    Let me know if you ended up getting an answer about your shorts!

  3. Yay, glad that you're having fun w some speedwork!

    I had a good week, still trying to figure out what to do about the taper...

  4. GREAT JOB!!! Speedwork is hard, but it looks like you're doing so well with it!!! Congrats on coming so close to yet another goal!

  5. Awesome job on the mileage! You will get that 1000 no problem!

  6. Speed work is so hard but so worth it. Congrats on getting so close to your mileage goal. Great accomplishment!