Oct 14, 2011

My First 5K!

I am excited to share that I woke up this morning without all of the marathon soreness that has been plaguing me for the last four days. I have been hating the stairs in my house!  My achilles tendon is still very tender to the touch but not bothering me when I walk so it's getting better!  I have been faithfully icing, foam rolling, and popping Advil and it seems to be helping. I think I will be joining "Advil Anonymous" really soon!! I think I am ready to starting breaking myself back into my usual running routine so I am going to run/walk my first 5K, Matt's Run, tomorrow morning at my college campus.

"Matt’s Run is an event to celebrate the life of Matthew Myers, a young man who lost his life in an accident on campus in 2005. Matt was an avid runner, and the run/walk in his honor is designed to bring the community together to keep his memory and passion alive."

I definitely won't be running this 5K for time since the campus is incredibly hilly!  I get exhausted walking from the parking lot to my classes so I am going to be doing a lot of walking and really doing this run in honor of Matt.  I didn't know Matt personally but by participating in the Matthew Myers Memorial 5K Walk/Run, I will be doing my part to support the Matthew Myers Scholarship, designed to help those determined to walk their course in the midst of difficulties to achieve an education.

It will be a nice change to paticipate in a race that is stress/pressure free and to honor a young man who lost his life doing something that we all love and he loved too!

Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. YAY now we're on an even field - I have my first 5k on Sunday :D sounds like fun have a great weekend yourself :D

  2. Hahahaha - I thought I was the only lunatic running a 5K the week after the marathon - good to know I'm in good company :) Have a great race!

  3. Good luck tomorrow--I think a nice easy race is a great way to get back into running after the marathon!