Nov 11, 2011

Happy 11-11-11!

I am so glad that the weekend has finally arrived and it's 11-11-11 and Veterans Day all in one!  Don't forget to honor those veterans in some manner today! We wont see another 11-11-11 for another 100 years so I am sure there must be tons of people getting married today at 11:11 am.  I can only imagine how busy Las Vegas/Sin City will be today with over 3500 marriage licenses being issued!

At this time of the year, the days just seems to fly right by.  Once Thanksgiving arrives, Christmas sneaks up on you and by the time you know it, 2012 will be here!  I love the holiday season and listening to Christmas carols on the radio which really make it feel like the holiday season! Christmas is my favorite holiday and I host a big party at my house every year to celebrate with my family.  It is one of the only times of the year when our families get together to visit, eat, drink and be merry. I love decorating my house with tons of icicle lights, snowflakes and cute animated figures. Christmas is just so much fun!  It also gives me a great excuse to shop and spend money that I don't have!

I planned on making today a cross training day but I have decided to take it easy after that 20 miler I survived yesterday! I plan on running the 20 mile distance a few times before my next marathon in February.  This is my most unfavorite distance because it is almost like running a full marathon! My legs were pretty tired and achy after my run yesterday but this morning they are feeling much better.  I was a little worried about being sore for my 10K on Sunday but I think I am going to be fine. Wish me luck since it's my first!  I am a virgin 10k'er!

Good News!  The chance of rain in Riverside, CA has gone from 60% to 10% for Sunday which means that I probably won't be running my first 10K in the rain after all.  After watching the weather conditions of the last LA Marathon, I don't think that running in the rain is for me!  I would probably survive for about an hour but not much longer than that!!

Is anybody running any races this weekend?  Two of my favorite bloggers, Vanessa (Gourmet Runner) and Katherine (Neon Blonde Runner), will be running their very first full mary tomorrow so please visit their blogs to wish these two awesome runners some encouragement and good luck!

One last thing, if you are planning to sign up for any Rock 'n' Roll series races, they are offering a $20 discount on registrations today from 11am to 11pm PST.  Some races are excluded but most are included so check it out and get some races on the agenda for 2012!

Have a great weekend! 


  1. Thanks for the shout out, friend!!

  2. Thank you for the good luck wishes! So glad it looks like you won't have rain for your 10k after all. I know three different couples getting married today, I bet it is so busy around the world for weddings!