Nov 20, 2011

Week 5 Recap, My New Addiciton and Happy Turkey Day!

Week Five Recap: My training continues to challenge me but I still doing my best to stick to it and not miss a workout unless I really have to. Other than this strange pain I am having in the back of my right leg near my knee, which I hope goes away, life is good in my running world. Here is what I was able to conquer this week:
Monday: XT#1: Ran 2.24 Miles to meet my 1000 Mile Goal and then did my 45 minutes on the Life Cycle (10.50 Miles).

Tuesday: XT#2: One hour Spin Class.  The regular instructor was back and the workout was much better. She tends to give us a lot of repeat intervals so I felt like I was doing the same thing over and over again but I was sweating!! I have yet to try out my cycling shoes that I scored a great deal on. For some reason I am afraid to try them in fear of not knowing how to use them. (Dumb, I know.)

Wednesday: Speed Workout: 6 miles.  I hit all of my target times but man was I tired.  My RI's were longer than they should have been so I cheated a little. Oh how I love speed work since I always end up with some kind of new ache and pain the day after!
Thursday: REST DAY

Friday: 6 Mile Tempo Run

Saturday: I was supposed to do my long run today but I put it off until Sunday knowing that there was a 60% chance of rain. I was just too lazy and spent the day doing all of my errands, some Christmas shopping, and eating of course. I knew I was going to pay for being a procrastinator!

Sunday: 18.11 Miles: The weather was great, 44-51 degrees, but I could have done without the rain for the first five miles. It wasn't raining that hard but more like a heavy drizzle. The drivers had their windshield wipers on so I guess there was enough falling to say it was raining and to justify all of the weird looks I was getting.  I wore my Brooks jacket that my husband gave me for Mother's Day for the first time and good thing I did because it kept me nice and dry :)  I thought about turning back at Mile 5 because it started coming down a bit harder and I was getting cold but the minute the thought crossed my mind, the rain stopped and sun was trying to peek through. I kept going and hoping for the best. The last 13 miles were great and I felt strong the whole time.  I love when I have a great run especially when it is a long run!

Total Mileage= 40.61 (30.11 of those miles were running) 

 My New Addiction:
I am a Starbucks fan all the way. I must have my venti, skinny Caramel Macchiato every morning, or close to that, especially when it is cold but it can be an expensive habit as you know!  Lately I have been making hot chocolate at home in my Mr. Coffee Cocomotion machine.  All you do is add milk, the hot chocolate mix and it does all of the work for you! It shuts itself off when it's done and the chocolate is so frothy and delicious! I am not a big fan of hot chocolate from Starbucks since it has more of a mocha taste to it so for now my new addition is hot chocolate from my house! 

I am so looking forward to my two Turkey Trots next week since i am skipping my speed workout.  I think it will be a good opportunity for me to see if my 5K performance is improving since incorporating speed work into my training plan. I am not so much focusing on my time but more on how I am feeling physically while running at a faster pace. My friend Shawna, who holds a smokin' PR of 23:01, will also be running the 5K.  I guess I will be eating her dust!!Good luck to everyone who is turkey trotting this week.  It seems like most of us are doing some kind of race so that we can eat ourselves into a food coma! Happy Turkey Day!!


  1. That cocoa maker is so cool - i've never seen anything like it and i'm sure its great saving 4 bucks a day! How does starbucks turn us in to such addicts?! ;) And running too of course!

  2. Congrats on your 1000 miles this year!!!!!!!

  3. Nice job on the 1000 miles! That's awesome!

    Doing a turkey trot on the morning of Thanksgiving is one of my most favorite traditions! Good Luck on yours :)

  4. AWESOME week!!! Seriously, great work! And I'm in love with that cocoa maker- too cool. I'll be doing a turkey "trot" with Caitlyn this year, so it'll be fun! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Great millage and I can't wait for the turkey trots :) it'll be so much fun!

  6. Great week of workouts Sandy! TWO Turkey Trots - that's awesome!!

  7. I love caramel macchiatos! YUM YUM! that cocomotion machine looks awesome! Great job with all your runs this week!

  8. Great week! Awesome job on the long run! Found your blog through Beth's giveaway. Congrats on winning!