Nov 17, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Sorry Speed Workout but I will be turkey trotting!  I am so in love with doing speed workouts that I decided to run two Turkey Trots (5K's) instead of doing my speed workout next week.  I will be trotting on Thanksgiving Day and then I will be trotting again on Saturday. This is just my way of justifying all of the feasting that I will be taking part in.  I will trot before I eat to ease the guilt and and then I will trot again on Saturday to justify it even further! I am so thankful for Honeybaked because they will be cooking the hard stuff for me while I am out running.  My family loves their ham the best anyway so why bother if they are already happy!

2. I swore that I would not buy another thing from lululemon for a long time but I lied!  I bought the cutest running skirt today!  I wore a lululemon running skirt in the 10K that I ran last week and I loved it so much that I bought another!  I thought it would feel weird to run in a skirt but I didn't even notice I had a skirt on and it was super comfy. Since I earned an instant PR I thought I better reward myself and went ahead and did the damage!

3.Today is my day off from my training! Amen! I am so excited because I am absolutely exhausted!  I am not sure what I am going to do with myself tonight since a large part of my evenings are committed to training. Maybe I will head on over to Yogurtland and try out some of the new seasonal flavors they posted on their website! Have you tried them yet?


  1. You are becoming a speed demon!! You are just dominating with all the speed work. You are going to rock your next marathon, can't wait.....

    And so glad that you're also taking time off to rest. I am a strong believer in taking time to rest, I love giving my body time to rebuild itself.

  2. I am running the Turkey Trot on Thursday also
    and so are my kids

    the skirt is very cute...I told you I noticed you last weekend because of it!!!

    I never tried a running skirts...I need to find one for tall people!!!!

  3. Yes, rest days are important! I like the running skirt, too. At first I wasn't a fan of them but after trying one out, I became a convert