Dec 16, 2011

Holiday Half Marathon Race Photos

I am so incredibly happy in all of my race photos from Brightroom and I wish I knew why.  I think the lack of stress and running this half mary strictly for fun would be the only explanation. Shawna on the other hand is not looking as happy as me.  She had a great race so her photos are very misleading yet very entertaining!

Is part of my tutu missing?

What was I thinking about..a BQ?

This is my favorite pic of Shawna!
Riverdance move?

Is that a black wing on my back?


  1. haha it totally does look like a black wing!! It was carrying you through your race :) awesome pictures!

  2. oh look at you passing that guy in yellow!!!!!
    I LIKE that!!

  3. Great pictures! That looks like a lot of hair in the "wing" picture!

  4. You look so wonderful and carefree in all your photos, love it :)

    And I also wanted to tell you how cute your christmas card is!!

  5. Girl you ROCKED that tu-tu. Tafeta and running sounds like such a painful combo but you did it! So so cute :)