Dec 29, 2011

I Hate Monkey Balls!

They say that there is a first time for everything and Christmas Eve was my first time falling flat on my face during my long run!! I tripped on a monkey ball and down I went!! It was bound to happen because I had almost fallen on one of those darn things twice!! I have seen these things before but I never knew what they were actually called. I guess a monkey ball is a seed pod from a sweet gum tree. Man I hate those darn things now!!

I ended up scraping my chin and my knee, cut my finger, another finger is swollen, and my other knee is bruised! I felt like such an idiot but I think Maura is the only one who saw!! Maura has been taking me around her neighborhood for some long runs so I've now learned to watch out for monkey balls!!
On another note, a much more positive one, I finally saw Caroline from Canadian runner in exile while we were on our run. Caroline and I always register for the same races but have never met. She recognized me and said "Sandy is that you? It's me Caroline. Merry Christmas!" I was so surprised to see her that I probably didn't greet her properly. It was great to see you Caroline!! Please stop by Caroline's blog and check it out. She is a great runner and her little boys are so cute and like to run just like their mom!

In spite of the fall, we had a great 17 mile run and I'm not sure how she does it but Maura doesn't run with her Garmin on her long distance runs but she can gauge the pace and the distance right on the money. She scolds me if I keep looking at my Garmin so I have to sneak and peak at it! She doesn't wear her Garmin when she runs marathons either but somehow meets her goal time! Me on the other hand, babysits the Garmin and would never leave home without it on race day!

I have gone on several runs with Maura since I have been on vacation and I don't think I have ever ran so many quality miles in a single week. The routes that she takes me on are pretty hilly and challenging for me a well. I took advantage of the time I had off and really enjoyed getting a few long runs in that I normally would not able to do since I work and get home too late.

I hope everyone had a great holiday.  I have been busy spending time with my family so I am way behind on reading all of your blogs and hope to catch up once my household is back to normal again. Have a happy and safe New Year!


  1. You are too nice!!!
    thank you!!!

    I hate those monkey balls! they are everywhere on baseline heading to Upland and I always think I will step on one and fall..

    so sorry you got hurt like that...
    happy new year!

  2. 17 miles, NICE WORK!

    Caroline sounds like such a sweet heart, that's awesome that you got to meet each other.

    Sorry about the fall, glad you didn't have any really bad internal effects like a fracture or sprain or anything. I have had many a spill while time I hit my knee and it really hurt for a few days, which wasn't that big of a deal, but it was very annoying at the time.

  3. Hard to see how large those monkey balls are, but man, they are evil, huh? You really got banged up!

    Glad you got a successful 17 miler to show those monkey balls who's boss!

  4. Happy new year, Sandy!!!

    I didn't even know what monkey balls were until now!! Glad you are okay!