Dec 2, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

My favorite holiday by far is Christmas!  I love decorating my house both inside and outside and I throw a big Christmas party every year and invite my whole family over.  My sister and her family come to visit from Florida and it is probably the only time we get to see them. This past weekend was a very productive one in terms of preparing for Christmas.  My husband's job is to decorate the outside of the house and my job is mostly the inside. 

I really need to invest in a better ladder for this man so that he can put the lights all the way at the top!  My dream is to decorate my house Clark Griswold style but I don't think we can afford the electricity to fuel all of the lights!
I think we are the only people on the block who decorated the outside of our house.  My neighbors are either running behind, very boring or they do not celebrate Christmas. My son has his own little Christmas tree in his room as you can see through the window on the second story.  My husband somehow links all of the lights together and all I have to do is hit a button on a remote control and it all lights up at once!

While he was busy decorating the outside, I was busy decorating the inside with my son.  Our bodyguards, Roxy and Buster, supervised us while we decorated the tree and Buster kept sniffing the tree like he had other ideas of what the tree was for.  I have an artificial tree because I am allergic to the fresh ones. I really like the idea of not having to spend $100 on a "real" tree every year because you just throw it away!

Some of my favorite decorations are my Charlie Brown Christmas tree and my giant Christmas ball.  I added the light up "Merry Christmas" sign to my decor this year. I bought it from Home Goods and it was super cheap.

I collect Hallmark Keepsake ornaments so my tree is decorated with these ornaments and nothing else.  Every year they come out with new ones and they always have super cute ones that I must buy. I keep saying that I will stop collecting them but it never happens. It is time consuming to decorate the tree because each ornament has to be unpacked from it's box. Taking the decorations down and putting them back in the individual boxes is even more work!

I haven't done much Christmas shopping at all so I need to get busy shopping so I have something to put under my tree.

Do you decorate your house for Christmas? What is on your Christmas list this year? Are you done with your Christmas shopping?


  1. I love decorating for Christmas!!! Your house looks great!!! I am so behind shopping....decorating done but shopping not so much!

  2. I have been slow at dragging out the Christmas decorations, but we don't have a tree yet and I dont want to drag it all out more than once!

    Your decorations look great! Love the charlie brown tree!

  3. Love the decorations! Like you, this is my favorite time of year.

  4. Very pretty displays you have!

    I got a head start on my shopping in October, due to a mom/daughter weekend away @ North Conway, but I've stalled. Just went out today and picked up a couple things. Hope I can get some shopping traction soon!!

  5. I have several of the Hallmark keepsake ornaments too. Most of mine are either Wizard of Oz or Barbie ones that my grandmother gave us.

    We have all the inside decorating done except for putting ornaments on the trees. The outside decorating hasn't started yet.

  6. Your house looks beautiful! Both the outside and inside look fantastic! I love decorating for Christmas. I feel like it makes the house look so warm and comforting. We have done the outside, but not the inside yet! That is in the plan for this week sometime!