Feb 8, 2012

Here's the Verdict

Prior to having the MRI done on my knee, the orthopedist suspected several different scenarios but without the MRI he could not pin point the problem.  He mentioned several possibilities.

a) I tore my meniscus because the pain was on the side and back of my knee. This would require surgery and I would not be running for quite some time.  This scared me the most!

b)  I had fluid in my knee from the nasty fall I took on Christmas Eve. When the knee experiences trauma this is it's way of trying to fight back and heal. I watched some videos on YouTube of how fluid is drained from a knee and it was not pretty.  I freaked myself out but prepared to have the procedure done if that was what it would take to get me back to running again.

c)  A muscle tear/muscle strain

I took the  CD of the MRI to the doctor yesterday and sat patiently in the room while he hunted down my MRI report.  When he came into the room he wanted to exam my knee again and did not mention what was wrong with my knee so I was really nervous.  He finally started talking and said "the good news is that you do not need surgery and your meniscus is not torn."  Thank You Jesus!  I was relieved to hear that but then he went on to tell me that I did have some fluid in my knee but it was not enough to drain!  Thank You Jesus again!!

So here's the verdict..c) I tore my hamstring.  It is not too serious and will probably heal on it's own if I listen to the doctor's orders.   So here are the doctor's orders so that I can get back to running soon:

1) Physical Therapy for the next 4 weeks-FUN!

2) No Running-DAMN!

3) Stationary Bike-BORING!

4) Ice It-COOL!

5) Ibuprofen-DRUGS!

I really tried to get a time frame from the doctor as to when I can run again but he wasn't having it. I think I was irritating him with the "when can I run again" questions so I stopped! I go for a follow-up in four weeks to see how I am doing and hopefully I can run again! Until then, I will be on the stationary bike hating life patiently waiting until I can get back out there! I guess I should be thankful that it wasn't anything serious that requires surgery!



    So sorry that you tore your hamstring...you're just so hardcore, can't believe you were still running through that.

    But at least you won't need any surgery and this will get better on its own.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  2. ok this sucks BUT the news was not so bad considering you knew something was wrong...you will get better...so no elliptical either? I hope you recover fast and that you will good to go for OC!

  3. Glad you don't need surgery, but OWW! Hope you recover and are back to running SOON!

  4. At least it's good bad news!! You'll be back to running in no time I'm sure :)

  5. I'm happy to hear it is nothing you need surgery for but I wish for your sake it was something that would heal faster!! You'll be hitting the pavement in no time....I know easy for me to say! Hang in there!

  6. Let me ask you, as I am in the same scenario. How long before you had no aching after starting back at running? I have the hamstring thing too. Just finished my PT. Am 7 weeks out. Follow all directions. Wear my thigh sleeve. I am allowed to go up by 2 miles each week now, so 8 total miles this week. I start full training in 4 weeks and PT says I will be fine. This is my first major injury. They said a Grade 1 or 2 strain, but never did an MRI because I could still bend and all....just had pain in my hammy when running like someone stabbing me in it. So now I am healing. They say it is 100 times better, but I am nervous. So I would love another person to chat with about this type of injury.:)