Jan 21, 2013

A Birthday Celebration and a Busy Weekend

My one and only son turned 11 years old on Friday. He didn't want to go to school on his birthday and strongly believes that all students should be allowed to take a day off of school on their birthday. 
We did not grant his wish but made it a little better for him by offering to send donuts to school to celebrate his birthday. He was pretty excited about that and took the bait!
We took him out to dinner for his birthday to eat one of his favorite foods, BBQ. It is one of my favorites too so I had no objections! His sister brought him a mini cake from Cold Stone that we all helped him eat. We were stuffed and the food was so good!
He was also happy about the presents that he scored. He really wanted a new Rip Stik and was really excited about getting it! His birthday is so close to Christmas that he did not really as for much which is good for me :)
Aside from the birthday celebration, it was a really busy weekend which did not include much running (3.25 very slow miles to be exact.) I tried out my new Garmin for the first time and spent most of the run playing around it which resulted in a slow run. I will get back on track this week with my running.
Saturday included a visit to my Grandpas' grave site. It was the first time we went to visit him since he past away. My grandma still needed some time so we waited until she was ready. We took some chairs and sat out by his grave site and it was an absolutely beautiful day for it. After visiting Grandpa we took Grandma to the movies to see Zero Dark Thirty. It was a good movie and Grandma really liked it too. The movie was two and a half hours long and I actually stayed awake the entire time which is a sign that the movie is good.

Sunday was a lazy day. I cleaned house, did laundry and took care of some other things that I have been putting off around the house (like putting all of the Christmas decorations back in the storage closet.) My other half made dinner which included carne asada and rice. It was pretty good.

I am back to work today but do have a short week. I am scheduled to report to Jury Duty on Thursday and then I am off on Friday. I hope they do not select me to be on a jury since I have not heard anything exciting about it. I do not get Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a holiday which is tough when everyone else in the house got to sleep in this morning. The positive side of not getting today off is that traffic was super light this morning. I will take that any day!

Have you seen any good movies lately? 
I am not much of a movie person but Grandma has not been to the movies in quite a few years so we took her to keep her mind busy and spend some time with her.
Have you ever been selected to serve on a jury?
Was it interesting, boring, or better than going to work?
I have never been selected in my life and hope it stays that way. I don't want other people's future in my hands. 


  1. I served on a Federal jury last year and found the whole process very interesting. I am reporting to district court Wednesday for Jury duty. I am hoping I don't get picked!
    Happy birthday to your son! I love birthdays!

  2. Happy Birthday to your cute son! Maybe one of these years he'll get lucky like I did and have his b-day fall on MLK Jr. Day. It's a good time to have a birthday because there's almost always a long weekend. :^)

    I've never been selected for jury duty and have only been summoned once. I'd kind of like to do it, though--it seems interesting (as long as the case isn't too serious).

  3. awh happy birthday!!!! Never done jury duty!!
    Just posted, added you to my Leibster award nomination!!