Jan 31, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1.It's Girl Scout Cookie season and everyone at work is selling these addictive things! They are everywhere and I have been snacking on one, or maybe even two, every time I spot them. I think I have bought from three different people and boy am I in trouble now! My favorites are the Thin Mints and the Lemonades.
2. My daughter's Pomeranian, Cinderella, turned four last week and we had a birthday party for her. The puppies tried the doggy cake for the first time and boy were they excited! I know I am overboard when it comes to my pets but I love them like they are my kids.
3. Lately Buster and I have been loving McDonald's coffee. It is much cheaper than Starbucks and it's not bad for a buck. I also love their Oatmeal cookies but those are a whole different story.  I had to stop buying them because I was getting out of control.
Have you caught the Girl Scout Cookie bug yet?

What are the things that you are loving lately?


  1. I have definitely caught the Girl Scout Cookie bug! My niece is selling them and my fiance and I bought eight boxes. She's quite the salesperson. I am amazed that you got a photo of your dog looking so happy while wearing that tiara. My dogs would have moped around until we took it off. :) Have a great Thursday!

  2. No Girl Scout Cookies in our house. I do miss eating them though. Your dogs are adorable. So fluffy.