Jul 1, 2013

Mid Year Status of My 2013 Goals

Back in January, I shared my Goals for 2013 to keep myself accountable. I am happy with my progress at this mid point of 2013 and I am feeling very motivated to continue to work hard to at achieving these goals. I think they are realistic and can be met if I apply myself.

1)  Accomplish Goals 2 (Beach Cities Challenge) and Goal 3 (Sub Four Marathon) from 2012.

Status: Goal 2 from 2o12: I am one race away from getting my Beach Cities Challenge medal in October so I am on track!  Goal 3 from 2012: Achieved! I ran a 3:49:10 Marathon back in May!

2) Stay Injury Free and be a smarter runner!  
Status: This is an on-going goal that I will always strive to meet but I can say that I have been smarter with my running this year. If I feel any kind of pain I take a break and wait until it's gone. I also foam roll, ice and use my Stick after almost every run. I am also better about stretching and warming up during my runs and it has made a big difference.

3) Continue to work towards that BQ. 
Status: This has become my biggest focus. It is really hard not to think about that BQ when it is just 4 minutes and 5 seconds away. I took 16 minutes off of my marathon time so I have made significant progress with this goal. Four minutes is still a lot of time to shave off of a marathon time but I will continue to work at it. I am not giving up yet!

4) Focus on the marathon!  
Status: The marathon remains my focus especially those last 6.2 mile which have I improved this year with my third marathon.
5)  Earn a PR or 2! 
Status: The only distance that I have PR'd this year is the marathon and I am extremely happy with that! I have not been focusing on any other distance this year but have really been focusing on my long runs to improve my marathon time.

6) Run 1200 miles in 2013!
Status: I am on track to accomplish this goal. Here is my mileage from January to June.

How are your 2013 Running Goals coming along? 
If you haven't taken a look at them, now is a good time to check into make sure you stay on track!


  1. You are rocking and rolling, Sandy! Isn't it great to have a real comeback year after injuries? It's because you took care of yourself and recovered right.

  2. You rock - I'm pretty behind on my mileage goal, but need that mental recovery, so I'm okay with it. My goals post goes up tomorrow so you can check on me then! ;)