Aug 17, 2014

Weekly Recap (8/11-8/17)

Three weeks to go and I have been leaning towards running the marathon but then this hip pain decided to make an appearance this week. Thankfully I have no goals for this race and I will just run to celebrate my birthday or else I would be pretty bummed right now. In any case, it was a disappointing week for me with very low mileage due to the left hip pain. It is VERY HARD to skip a long run but I know I am doing the right thing. In the end I know that I will thank myself for being a smart runner and playing it smart. Live and Learn!

Monday: Rest Day with some push ups, squats and exercises with the medicine ball.

Tuesday: 7 Mile Tempo @8:22/This run was really rough. The winds were super strong the first two miles and I started in 89 degree heat. You can kind of see where I am going with this one. The rest of the run was a fight to finish. I was hoping for Miles 3-6 to be under 8:00 but that was not happening on this particular day!

Wednesday: Rest Day- I woke up with some pain in my left hip so I did some stretches for my hips and took a break from running.

Thursday: My hip felt okay so I did 5 Easy Miles @10:11 pace. I met up with Megan at the crack of dawn (explains why the picture is so dark) to attend the #blogfest #funrun. We parked a mile from the Anaheim Convention Center and then ran the 3 mile fun run and then the final mile back to our cars.  I was too cheap to pay the $20 parking fee at the convention center so I forced Megan to run two extra miles with me.

Friday and Saturday: Rest Days since my hip pain returned on Friday morning! It felt better on Saturday but I didn't want to chance it and run. I did some stretches for my hip and lots of icing throughout the day.

Sunday: 6 Easy Miles @10:09/My hip felt much better and I had zero pain while running. I never felt any pain at all when I was running but the pain seems to appear a few hours after running or the next morning.

Total Miles: 18 (BOO!)

It was a pretty crappy week in terms of mileage since I skipped my long run which was supposed to be 20 miles. I hope I can run it next week or else I might have to finalize my plans for Ventura and just run the half which I am totally fine with since I have Long Beach coming up really soon. 

How was your week? Any races coming up?

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