Aug 3, 2014

July Miles and My Workouts for 7/28-8/3

July was a good month. My goal was to run 150 miles and I met my goal!
My legs feel great but I am being faithful about foam rolling and I am always open to skipping a run if my body is telling me to take a break. I don't want to get too focused on hitting a certain amount of mileage for the month but more on being able to make my runs count. August is going to be a big month since I am reaching long runs of 18 miles plus so I need to stay focused and plan carefully around the hot weather. I am also having to take my long runs a little slower than planned but heat is my worst enemy and in order to survive it is what I have to do. I am good with that or else I end up wimping out and cutting my long runs short and I can't do that.

Here is a recap of my week:

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 5.15 Miles @8:42 avg pace/I was supposed to run my tempo run but my son wanted to join me so we made it a family exercise day on the bike trail. My other half started his training for the Las Vegas R&R half marathon this week so we ran two miles together and then I ran three miles alone (8:35, 8:01, 7:47.) My son rode his bike along side us since we ran on the bike trail. It was 88 degrees but with no sun and a nice breeze so I guess I can handle that.

Wednesday: I skipped out on my run and I ended up calling it a date night with my other half. I planned to run after we had dinner but I had a super bad headache and just decided to call it a day. I have to give myself the freedom to skip a run when I feel like I need it or else I get burned out. I also know that when I skip a run, my next run will be a good one.

Thursday: 5 Miles@9:43 avg. pace/I ran in the 91 degree heat and it was pretty rough. I thought I was going to pass out it was so hot!

Friday: Rest Day. I took a vacation day from work and just kind of took it easy knowing that I had an 18 mile run the following day.

Saturday: 18 Miles@8:50 avg./I ran the first half easy and the last half a little faster. These long runs are getting harder and harder with the heat. They are a little frustrating because I feel more tired than I usually do and hitting my goal paces take so much more effort.

Sunday: 5 Mile Recovery Run@9:54 with my other half. It was pretty warm when we left the house at 7:00 am and the humidity level was at 84%. We are definitely not used to this kind of weather! It actually rained over night and I was happy about that since we really needed it.

Total Miles: 33 Miles

It looks like we are going to get a small break from the heat next week. Of course the break comes on a cut back week but I will take it. I am off work on Friday so it looks like I will try to plan my long run on Friday. I must say that 63 degrees never sounded so good!

What do you prefer? Heat or Humidity?
I say neither one..

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