Aug 24, 2014

Weekly Recap (8/18-8/24)

I think I am dealing with a case of hip bursitis. My hip never hurts when I run but I do wake up with some discomfort in the morning so his past week has been all about keeping the hip happy and trying to make it feel better. I have been faithfully icing my hip and doing hip stretching and strengthening exercises every morning and every night. It was a pretty boring and sad week for me but I will tell you about it anyway...

Monday: REST DAY from running. Hip stretching and strengthening exercises, planked and did some push ups.

Tuesday: 7 Miles@ 8:05 avg. pace/I warmed up and then pushed the pace from Miles 3-7 to see if my hip would hurt and it did not. Amen for that but I did have some really minor pain the next day so I iced it and decided that I needed to take a few days off.

Wednesday: REST DAY with hip stretches and strengthening exercises.

Thursday: REST DAY with hip stretches and strengthening exercises.

Friday: REST DAY with hip stretches and strengthening exercises.

Saturday20 Miles@ 8:49/ I woke up with no hip pain so I decided to go for a run to see how I felt. I had no pain so I just went for it. I really needed to get this last long run in so that I could start making plans for Ventura in two weeks. I attempted to take an ice bath after my run and it was pretty traumatic. I kept jumping in and out of the tub because it was painfully cold! I am not sure when I will attempt this again.

Sunday: Hip pain was back again so I decided that I am going to take some more time off at this point until the pain goes away. BOO!

TOTAL MILES: 27 miles

This whole hip issue is kind of messing with my race plans in two weeks. I really wanted to run the full marathon but it looks like maybe it is not going to happen if this hip pain continues. I am hoping for some relief so that I can still run the half but if not then the birthday race is off the calendar. I am bummed but I am glad that I did not have big plans for this race or else I would be beyond bummed at this point!

Have you ever had a case of hip bursitis?

 Any advice...besides rest and stop running :(

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