Jul 26, 2011

110% Play Harder

So I finally received my new compression sleeves in the mail. Yippee!! I was so impressed by the fancy packaging and was excited to find out what these compression sleeves were all about!
Back View
Front View

So I opened them up and pulled everything out of the silver bag and started reading all about these compression sleeves.  It turns out that the nice insulated silver bag is to carry the ice inserts with you to keep them cold.  I was pretty wow'd by this and it is pretty hard to wow me!  

The ice inserts are shipped to you completely flat and require you to run them under warm water to allow them to expand. Once they expand about 1/2 inch, they are ready for the freezer.

So to make a long story short, I went for a 6 miles run in the compression sleeves this morning.  They have 50% more spandex than most compression sleeves so they did fit much tighter than my Zensah's do.  They were comfortable and felt like they kept everything together!  These sleeves are actually doubled layered so the ice inserts sit in between the two layers of spandex. After my run, I slipped the ice inserts right into the sleeves and let the cold take over. Ahhhh!! There is nothing like a bag of ice directly on your shins but these inserts are great.  The slots on the sleeves allow the ice to wrap around the bottom of your legs 360 degrees so you can ice your shins and your calves at the same time. The ice inserts can also be cut to the size that you need them as well. The best thing about these compression sleeves is the convenience.  I finally have a solution to icing at work! I am excited!!

I highly recommend these to anybody who has shin splints or any kind of pain in their legs that requires icing.  They are convenient to use at work or even at home if you don't have time to sit and ice! They cost about $75.00 but are well worth it if you have these nagging injuries like me!


  1. Anonymous7/27/2011

    Oh wow, I am loving these. Like you said, they seem like the perfect solution to icing my legs at work. Thanks for the review.

    Asphalt Tales

  2. LOVE your blog! I can't wait to follow along as you qualify for the Boston Marathon!!!!! I ran it last year and it was a blast.