Jul 4, 2011

Long Training Run Number Three: AKA "Shawna's Detour"

Weather Report: Sunny and 62 degrees

A 12 mile run was on the agenda for the day, but it somehow evolved into a half marathon!  It has been a while since I have been "able" to run 12 miles, so I was a little apprehensive about it!  Being injured really sucks! I can tell you that the more you can't run, the more you want to.  I guess this applies to anything in life...the more you can't have it, the more you want it! Shawna and I ran in Bonelli Park again because I really like it.   We met up at 6:30am and the sun was already very bright! We knew that it was going to be a little tougher today with the sun out and the chance of the temperature increasing by the time we completed our run.  Our goal for the day was to keep our pace under 10:00 minutes.
The sun was nice and bright at 6:30am.
Mile 1: 9:39
Mile 2: 9:05
Mile 3: 9:05

Our route through Bonelli Park was a little different today and we ran through Pomona, and LaVerne again.   We hit the usual "inclines" in Bonelli, which I hate, but I know that the combination of heat and hills will only make us stronger runners.

I don't like these inclines...
Mile 4: 9:12
Mile 5: 9:30
Mile 6: 9:29

At mile 6.20, we stopped at my favorite Mexican restaurant in Pomona, Los Jarritos, for a quick water break.  It smelled so good in there, but I had to settle for a Jet Blackberry GU and some water instead of my usual bean and cheese burrito.  Shawna toughed it out without any GU but I think I will have to bring her some next time since she had to settle for a Life Saver mint to get some sugar in her system :)

My favorite Mexican Restaurant of all time!
We headed onto Foothill Blvd. and it was at this point that Shawna realized that we could not get back to E Street from Foothill Blvd. What this minor detour really translated into was a 12 mile run becoming a half marathon!

We took our final water break and headed back into Bonelli Park to finish off our run. I am still trying to convince Shawna to carry her water on her so that we don't have to stop for water breaks and so she can drink more frequently to keep herself better hydrated.  I think I might have to start carrying water for her if she continues to resist my nagging!

Mile 7: 9:26
Mile 8: 9:16
Mile 9: 9:03

Shawna ran with that bag of empty water bottles in her hand for about two miles until we finally found a trash can, so I am now convinced that she can carry some water with her next time...nag nag nag!!
Great view!
Mile 10: 9:22
Mile 11: 8:42
Mile 12: 8:48
Mile 13: 9:04
By the time we hit mile ten, the temperature was pretty warm and we were anxious to finish. When we were finally done, the temperature had reached 75 degrees according to my iPhone, but the thermometer in my car said that it was 84!  It sure felt like 84 degrees out there!

My water and Ice waiting for me!
I stopped by Starbucks on my way home to pick up my favorite oatmeal. When I got home, my water and my ice bag for my shin were sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for me :)

Garmin Stats

My second week of training is officially complete with five workouts and 30.16 miles completed.  I have to say that I had a pretty good week and now it's off to Vegas for a short vacation!

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