Jul 26, 2011

Long Training Run Number 6: NOT!

Weekend Recap
This was a very interesting week as my far as running to say the least.  I didn't run for five consecutive days and no long Sunday run for me either. It was more like a long walk at the House of Mouse. My family and I took a trip to Disneyland on Friday and we walked for hours and hours.  We had a great time and we met Duffy, Russell and Doug and checked out all of the new rides at California Adventure. I also enjoyed the new Mickey's Soundsational Parade while I iced my shins!  
Duffy the Disney Bear
Up is one of our favorite movies!
 Yes, I iced my shins at Disneyland....
The plan was to run 15 miles on Sunday but of course it did not happen due to my shin splints.  I promised myself that as long as I felt pain, I would not run and I didn't.  I was starting to feel really irritated and grouchy by Friday due to lack of running so I am glad that the pain went away. I think that my family is glad that I am running again too :) I also made an executive decision to go back to my old Nike Vomero's and be done with it. No more switching shoes, especially in the middle of training! Duh!  I iced like crazy, took Advil and just waited for the pain to go away!  I was pain free on Friday and went for a quick run before visiting Mickey Mouse.
My oldies but goodies!
I basically crammed as much running as I possibly could into a three-day period.  I ran 3 miles on Friday, 8 miles on Saturday and 8 miles on Sunday.  I did not complete my scheduled mileage for the week but I feel lucky to be on the road again. Running three consecutive days for me is pretty difficult.  My pace is not as great and my shins don't appreciate it. I usually run every other day so completing 8 miles for two consecutive days is pretty good for me. I really felt challenged on Sunday to say the least! I was dripping with sweat after my run even after I opted to run on the shadiest side of the street. It was kind of gross but it made me feel like I worked hard!

Oh how I love the shade when I'm lazy!
I am still on track for achieving a 100-mile month so I am really excited about it! I am ending this week with 84 miles on the books.  I am 16 miles short of reaching my goal and I think it's going to happen this month.  Can't wait to see that 100-mile month happen!
 Oh and by the way....my new compression sleeves came yesterday so I am excited to give them a try and see how they work for me.

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