Aug 12, 2011

Frogs, Snails, Puppy Dog Tails, Armadillos and Alligators!

I didn't get my long run in on Sunday and I only logged 23 miles last week but it was all for a good cause!  My older sister, well if you consider 11 months and 3 weeks to be older, than she is my older sister.  We pretty much grew up together with everyone thinking we were twins! What  were my parents thinking..yuck?? Isn't there some kind of six-week rule you are supposed to follow after you have a baby?  

My Sister and I back in the day!
The reason my mileage sucked for the week was because I flew to Florida to surprise my sister and also to meet my new nephew!  My sister's in-laws were kind enough to send me a ticket to visit her.  They are such kind people! I took a red-eye flight out and landed in Atlanta at 5:00am with a short layover before boarding my flight to Tampa. There were some strange people on both of my flights to say the least! Some people just have no consideration for other's really sad!

Had to brush my teeth during the layover in Atlanta! Ignore my bra strap please!

My new nephew and Me! 
Baby Derek: born June 16, 2011
My nephew is the best baby ever! He hardly ever cries and all he does is sleep!  He is only seven weeks old and he sleeps through the night! They have no idea how lucky they are to have such a good baby!  I know I was never this lucky with either one of my kids!

We were able to keep the secret from my sister!  Her mother-in-law picked me up from the airport and took me over to her house.  My sister thought she was just coming over for a routine visit with the in-laws.  When she saw me she was shocked and she cried. She is such an emotional person! We had a great visit and I enjoyed myself to no end.  The only complaint that I have is the Florida weather!  It is humid and hot to say the very least. It just starts pouring rain out of no where in Florida! It's pretty crazy! The weather did not stop me from getting a couple of good runs in though and luckily I did not get stuck in any downpours!  I will dedicate a post just to recap my runs while I was in Florida.

My Sister, Brother-in-Law and my new nephew Baby Derek!
I am used to the heat but not 80% humidity!
We did a lot of bad eating and they showed me around to their favorite places.  The eateries in Florida are not the same as what I am used to in California so it was a nice change.  I tried to make good eating choices but it was hard to do that in some of the places, plus it was a vacation! One of the places we ate at was called "Smokey Bones Bar and Fire Grill"  Here is what we ordered:

The Crowd Pleaser: Fire Stix, Chicken Fingers, and Southwest Spring Rolls
My Meal: Turkey Burger with Broccoli
My sister knows how I love to shop and I have been dying to check out the lululemon athletica store at the Orlando Premium Outlets. We loaded up, baby and all and headed out to Orlando to shop!  It was pretty hot and humid and my poor nephew was not excited about the visit to the outlet!  One of my favorite things to pass on the way is the Mickey shaped power lines!   

Got Milk?
..the power of Disney!

The Orlando Premium Outlets
My lulu Dressing Room Door!
My new lulu Outfit!
The lululemon outlet prices are not much cheaper than buying from a regular store but I did save something! I still haven't tried out the first pair of lululemon shorts that I blogged about. I better do that soon!

My sister's in-laws (Kelley and Derek, they do have names) made some amazing flank steak and cake and boy was it good!  Derek is known for his great barbecuing abilities and I can see why! Kelley is known for her cakes!

I am a true animal lover and my sister has the cutest little 3-1/2 pound Yorkie in the world. Not only is Jazzy cute but she is pretty vicious! If she doesn't like you, then you are pretty much done!  She will bite your ankles and bark at you every opportunity she gets! She fears nothing when it comes to strangers! I was able to make peace with her this visit and that was quite an accomplishment because she hated me up to this point.
My sister's Yorkie, Jazzy!
My sister's in-laws dog, Scarlet!  She is so sweet!

     This is my poor dog Baby, waiting for me to come home from my trip!  He is the sweetest thing in the world!

On the day of my departure we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Carrabba's Italian Grill.  We don't have one in California so I was really looking forward to eating at Carrabba's the whole time I was visiting. The bread at Carrabba’s is fresh from the oven and served with a delicious olive oil and herbs combination for dipping. The bread alone could have been a meal for me because I just love it!

I think I ate two loaves by myself!!

Tag Pic Pac: Tagliarini in Picchi Pacchiu sauce
with crushed tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and basil
We had a great time laughing and just enjoyed our last day together!  We really got out of control with the bread! I mean way out of control and we had no alcohol in our systems either..honest!

My Sister and I!

My niece even got in on the act!
It was really tough going home because I won't see my sister and her family until December!  My niece cried for me after I left which surprised me because she was pushing me to say goodbye and get on my plane once we arrived at the airport! She is too funny! The plane ride back home was much better than the plane ride into Florida. I snapped this photo of the sunset while in the sky and thought it was just beautiful.  Well, back to the grind but I guess I have a lot to be thankful for. My family back at home was missing me too!  It is not too often that I leave them behind!

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