Aug 30, 2011


If the weather is anything like it was this Sunday, I am in big trouble for my half marathon this coming Sunday! I do not do well at anything in the heat and there's just no way around it!  This is what predicting for this coming Sunday:

I have seen so many posts lately about Hurricane Irene and how it is affecting the lives of so many people.  I feel for everyone who has been affected by it and wish them well.  I was hesitant to even post my complaints about the weather that we have been having in California but I needed to vent because my running is greatly affected by the extreme heat so please hear me out!  Can you believe that it was 74 degrees at 6:00am?? Having said that, you can just imagine how my long run went on Sunday! This is coming from a girl who is used to and prefers to run in 50-60 degree weather in order to function!

When I set out at 6:00am, the sun was not beaming down on me just yet so it wasn't that bad at first. I think things were pretty tolerable the first four miles and then it started to get ugly by the mile for the remaining 10 miles. I mapped my run out so that I passed the same spot three times so that I did not have to drop water at multiple locations.  I drank all of the water that I dropped and barely made it home before I died of dehydration. There were multiple instances during my Sunday run that I honestly thought that I wasn't going to make it. I have never been so happy to see sprinklers in all of my life.  I normally hate getting my shoes wet but on this particular Sunday I didn't care what got wet! By the time I was done, it was 84 degrees and I was beat!

After my very heated run, I went to Huntington Beach with my family and just took it easy.  We had a good time and this seems to be one of our new hang out spots.  It's an inexpensive way to spend time together and keep the kids entertained for hours. HB is also a cool place to run since it is usually 10-15 degrees cooler with a nice ocean breeze.

My husband and I.
My brother in law, me, my husband and my sister.
My son decided to get a beach workout in while we were there!
We tried to keep it somewhat healthy...
I am hoping for better days in September after all of the events that consumed me in August. Friday after work I picked up Baby's ashes and his cute little paw print. It kind of brought the hurt back all over again but I guess it is part of the healing process.  We all miss Baby so much but are at peace knowing that he is no longer suffering.  Dad is gaining his strength back slowly but surely and will be starting his chemotherapy again in September.  I am hoping the best for him because he sure is a fighter.  He inspires me and his will to live reminds me to be thankful for the small things in life on a daily basis. Grandpa also had surgery yesterday and is doing quite well. I just need all of my loved ones to get better so that I can stop being a worry wart and focus on my marathon that is just 39 days away!

My Baby's ashes and his cute little paw print.
It looks like the month of August is going to be a good month as far as miles.  Last month I banked 112 miles and I think I might exceed that by just a pinch this month.  I have also been thinking about buying a bike.  I think it might be fun to add cycling to my cross training but man are those road bikes pricey! I think I need a raise before I can invest in one of those bad boys!

Any suggestions on what type of bike I should buy?  What type/brand of bike do you ride and what would you recommend?


  1. Can I go to the beach? that looks awesome. Good job and busting threw your run in the heat. This summer heat needs to be over. I am over it.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. YAYAYAY! Congrats on your PR!!!!!