Aug 3, 2011

I'm Out of Control!!

I have been way out of control with the treats lately!  After that 16 mile run on Saturday, I was making all kinds of excuses as to why I should treat myself and I just kept going and going!! Look at the damage that I did!!

It started with this....

then it went to this....

Chocolate Mocha Mousse and Banana Split Cupcakes!

 then it escalated into this...

 and finally ended with this!

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Pizookie!
I finally got some Medal Motivation today after seeing the medal for the Long Beach Marathon and I stopped! I can't wait to see this around my neck on October 9th!

Now it is back to things like this...

I'm done confessing! Oh and by the way, I somehow managed to lose 1/2 pound in the process.

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