Jan 8, 2012

Back to School...

2012 is going to be a very busy year for me and I feel it already!  Yesterday was my first day back at school.  I am finally finishing up my MPA (Master's in Public Adminisration) and I opted to take a series of tests instead of doing a thesis or a project. I am happy to say that this is the last course I need to complete the program and I will be done in mid March. Homework, projects and exams will be taking away from my running and energy levels so I know that I will have to stay even more focused and really push myself that much harder to stick to my training schedule. I never envisioned myself going back to school but when your job offers tuition reimbursement you really don't have an excuse not to take advantage of such a great opportunity. Earning my MPA will be well worth it for me so I am super excited to be on track to completing another goal this year.

Going to miss these people!!
My sister, my niece and my baby nephew hopped on a plane and headed back to Florida on January 4th so the house is empty and really quiet again. We only live in less than half of the house so when it is full of people it can be pretty crazy. I was starting to get used to a baby being around and all of the extra noise that comes along with house guests. I tried to spend as much time with my sister as I could, other than sneaking away on my runs, so I am way behind on cleaning up my Christmas decorations. I am enbarrassed to report that my Christmas tree is still standing with ornaments and all.  I promised myself that I would have it all taken down and put away by the end of this week. I am really behind on reading all of your blogs as well so I have to get back into my normal routine as soon as possible.  Your blogs keep me motivated so I need to keep current on those so that I don't get lazy.

Not that I need anymore sweets in my diet but how many of you have heard of Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour? These ice cream parlours were really popular when I was growing up and I had all of my birthday parties there.  Farrell’s is known for their yummy ice cream concotions which include the Pig’s Trough, the Zoo and the Gibson Girl. Farrell's seemed to disappear and now they are making a coming back. I was so excited when I saw the "Coming Soon" sign a few months ago. Unfortunately, I have to pass it on my way to the gym and believe me I want to go to Farrell's instead of spin class!!  Farrell's has been super crowded since their Grand Opening so we are being very patient and waiting for the newness to die down so that we can go and do some damage!

My very first race of the year is coming up in just a few weeks.  I am excited about my 2012 Race Schedule since I am running some inaugural races, as well as some that I have never ran before. I am also thinking about revisiting some of my favorite local races in hopes of improving my times.

What is on your Race Schedule for 2012?  Any new races for 2012 on the agenda?


  1. wow good for you for getting your Masters. My sis just finished hers.

    nice races too! I only have a few lined up including my first half and full!!

  2. where is the Farrell?
    I am doing some of the same races...Surf city (offer to pick up your race packet still stands if you need help with that), hollywood half and I will do the Angels race I think...

    Disney: I am passing on this one this year...too $$ they raised the price this year!
    looking forward to see how you will like Thinkerbell race!

  3. Good luck with school starting back up, sounds like you'll be super busy!!

    I am not signed up for any races yet...hopefully I'll find some in the near future, I'm just relaxing for now.