Jan 13, 2012

In Memory of Sherry Arnold

Most of you have already received the sad news today regarding Sherry Arnold. Although I did not know Sherry Arnold, the story hits home because we all share a common interest with Sherry...running. The fact that Sherry is a wife and mother tugs at my heart as well. I can only imagine how her husband and children must feel right now. My heart fell to my stomach when I saw the title of SUAR's post.  It is heartbreaking that something like this has happened and that horrible people exist in this world.  Why??

There has been a lot of posts regarding safety while running since SUAR shared the story of her cousin Sherry's disappearance.  The sad reality is that this could happen to any one of us so please take the advise and protect yourself when you are out on a run.  Most of us think that the dangers only exist at night but it can happen at any time of the day, especially if you run alone.
Please take a moment of your busy day to say a prayer for SUAR's family and Sherry's family. They have a long road ahead of them and need all of the support and prayers that they can get. 

May you rest in peace Sherry. You will be missed by those who knew you and by those whose lives you touched.


  1. what a tragedy...I am so sad over this. It is scary, I used to think we are all safe here in RC and that the Pacific trail is safe, lots of women and older people walking there all the time...but I dont know anymmore. I run alone 95% of the time. We should not feel scared of running in our town! crazy sad world

  2. This absolutely broke my heart and I too have thought of her and her family often. Makes me very cautious running around outside even in familiar areas.