Jan 15, 2012

Pain and Crazy Dreams!

I am still having this nagging pain on the side of my knee!!  I have been icing, foam rolling, loading up on anti-inflammatories and praying! I have not been able to get a run in over a week and I am going crazy! I have been going to spin class but don't enjoy it as much when I am using it as a substitute for running. I have decided to rest and see how it feels by tomorrow. Marathon #3 is coming up in 21 days and this pain is not making me feel very confident about it. 

I think I have already had a few marathon nightmares just worrying about this pain.  Last night I had a dream that I was exhausted before the first mile and I had to lay on the ground and rest.  The few days before that I had a dream that I got lost on the course and stopped to have lunch to come up with a plan to make up for the lost time.  Now and then I have the marathon dream that I am almost to the finish and I am running so slow and nothing that I do can make me go faster!

On a positive note, I have three weeks to take care of this problem and it is taper time anyway.  Life could be much worse....

Do you have crazy nightmares about races?  Sometimes I have these wild dreams that I finish in these crazy times which are really only in my dreams!


  1. Hope your knee gets to feeling better soon, especially with your marathon coming up so soon! Sometimes I dream crazy before a race but not usually.

  2. OH No! have you seen a Dr? do we have sports Dr in town? 'i dont even know...I hope you find a way to heal this. Resting is the smart way to go/

    yes I have crazy dreams...more like nightmares though...it is never a dream where I win the race!

    can you change to half for SC if you need to?
    maybe that could be an option

  3. Oh no! I think you are doing everything you can. Have you had it checked out by a doctor? You might want to try that? You dreams are crazy, I know it's not funny to you, but I was cracking up!!!

  4. I hate to hear about your knee! Hope it gets better in time for your marathon. I have crazy dreams too but so far I haven't had a crazy dream about running!

  5. Ooooh I hope that knee rests and heals! I rarely ever have running dreams. However according to my mom, bad dreams are a way of 'getting the bad stuff out' so it'll be all good for you on race day.