Jan 10, 2012

A Week at the Spa

Wouldn't it be nice to spend the entire week at a spa for R&R? Well, I am here but I am actually attending a conference here at the Miramonte Resort and Spa in Indian Wells, CA. Indian Wells is about 30 miles past Palm Springs, which is a popular tourist spot and retirement town out in the desert. The resort is huge and has a ton of things to do but I will just be attending Professional Development Sessions and learning how to get better at what I do for a living. It is also a great opportunity to network with other people in the profession and get to meet some of the people that you correspond with but have never met face to face.

Getting to this place is a serious commute.  It is 85 miles from home, each way that is.  I do enjoy passing the wind mills on my way to Indian Wells and back.  It has been super windy out my way so they are always spinning when I pass them.  I am getting pretty good at taking pictures and driving at the same time! There is also a nice outlet that I pass in Cabazon.  I think I would rather stop and shop instead.  The weird thing is that I am against the traffic so it takes me almost the same amount of time to cover an 85 mile distance then it does my normal 40 mile commute in traffic.  I probably should have figured out a way to stay out here but I have my duties back to home to take care of such as kids, dogs, running, etc.

I am sad to report that I haven't gone out for a run this week. I have developed this strange pain in my knee which could indicate ITBS so I am taking it easy.  I have two races coming up in the next few weeks and I don't want to chance it.  I have done some cross training and I am hoping that this pain will subside by the end of the week.  Until the pain goes away, I will stick to the recumbent bike and spinning. I really enjoy spinning and I always leave feeling like I had a great work out. Spin is great because it is your workout and the outcome is really up to you.  I always push myself to make it worth my time for showing up after a long day at work and fighting traffic.

For now I am keeping my fingers crossed that this knee pain goes away.  The longest of the long runs on the training agenda have been completed and it's time to start tapering anyway. Tapering always makes me nervous because I feel like I am not doing enough and will not be ready to run the distance.

Is anybody racing this weekend?  There are a few local races that I have been hearing about and now glad that I did not sign up for with this knee pain.  I won't be racing but I will definitely be watching the Olympic Team Trials and Chic Runner's wedding on My Fair Wedding. Check out the preview of her wedding here


  1. Awww that's no good about your knee :( I hope you get better quickly!

    And I'm racing this weekend :) Houston Marathon or bust!!

  2. wow that is a lot of driving!
    my father in law lives there!
    hope the knee is nothing serious...better to rest and be ok for your next races...
    I am in taper now. I dont like it.
    half marathon Sunday. will use that for practice run for Surf City!

  3. Oh I def want to watch the olympic trials this weekend too! I'll be at work, so I'll just catch snips here and there...

    I bet your knee will fell better with a little rest and stretching. You'll be back to good in no time before your upcoming races!