Feb 10, 2014

Four Weeks and Counting!

I can't believe that LA Marathon is just four weeks away! The weather has been so great lately so I am hoping that race day is the same. I have been thinking about a goal for this marathon but I honestly don't want to put pressure on myself for this race. I have never ran a big race like like LA before so I am already a little bit nervous as it is. I guess I will start thinking of a plan as race day gets closer.

My mileage was a little higher than usual this past week. My longest run is usually 4 weeks before race day and this week it was 22.29 miles. The weather was perfect and it drizzled the entire time. The sun did not come out for even a minute and it was great. I have to admit that after mile 20 I was pretty tired. That worries me a little but mile 20-26.2 are always a battle for me.

I also had a great 11 mile run this week. I had planned on 7 miles but the weather was so great that I decided to take it easy and keep on going at a relaxed pace. Sometimes I feel like I really need to slow it down and enjoy the run.

I wrapped up my week with about 40 miles and I am hoping to get another 20 miler in this weekend at an easier pace. I wasn't too satisfied with how I felt during my 22 miler so I think I need one more push before LA Marathon to get my confidence level up. After that, I will start tapering and bringing the miles way down! I hate tapering because it makes me feel like I am doing nothing!

How many miles in your longest run when training for a marathon?
I have never ran more than 22 miles but have heard that some people actually run 26!

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