Feb 18, 2014

Taper Time and A Crazy Goal!

LA Marathon is less than three weeks away and that means that it is taper time! My long runs for the past two weeks have been 22 miles and this last one was pretty good. I ran with a friend from work (and her friend) who are members of the Snail's Pace running club and it was so nice not to have to run 22 miles alone. They are both going for a sub-four marathon and I think they are more than ready to make it happen! I think I am going to seriously consider joining a running club. It was really nice to have the support out on the course and the snacks were the best! I never eat while out on my runs but I did on Saturday and those pretzels tasted sooo good!
We ran out by the beach and the weather was great! I was expecting it to be much warmer but it was really nice. I pushed myself the last couple of miles (8:08 and 7:35) and even after that I could have kept going. I was pretty surprised since that rarely happens. It must have been the snacks!
I am planning to do somewhat of a long run this weekend but will be cutting my mileage way back. I am starting to get some ideas of what my goal for LA Marathon will be. I have a pretty crazy goal in mind but chances are that I am going to move forward with it. I will share it when I am 100% sure that I am ready to take the chance! 

Do you eat during your long runs?
If you do, what do you eat? I never do. GU is about all I take during my long runs.

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